Thursday, September 24, 2009

Diabetes On My Mind........

I have the Willie Nelson song "Always On My Mind." floating in my head for some reason..... Willie had a woman in mind when he wrote that song......duh!! I, however, have diabetes floating in my mind. So I come here now to purge my mind and maybe, just maybe I might have a few lone readers out there who can help with a small "new"situation, and will understand when I reveal my heart about an "old" situation.

First, the new.....we are now attending a much larger church which has a Sunday school that is a lot like a school type setting. It's an hour and a half not a lot of time. I'm really kicking myself, however, for not listening to our CDE's and Endo as they talked about "school plans". We were asked if we needed any....and being homeschooled J.J. really didn't need any sort of school plan then....but now....??

I sat in the class last week because J.J. wanted me to....but after about 5 minutes I could tell he didn't need me. My biggest concern wasn't about him liking or not liking the biggest concern was WILL THERE BE A SNACK? Yes, there is snack time....

So.....this week I've been training J.J. how to dose himself with the pump. He understands the concept but my concern is that he still gets his numbers mixed up. Like instead of putting in 25 carbs he'll put in 52.

Other concerns have popped in my him having to use the bathroom a lot because of highs. Or what about lows? So basically I've decided I need to give the teacher a sheet with just the basics. BUT....what are the basics? I've perused some of the 504 plans on the internet, but those seem so extensive for a simple Sunday School class. This feels like one of those dreaded writing assignments in high school.....the ones where you have to start with an outline and you have no clue how to even organize the outline. UGH!!!

In the end I know it will all be fine.....because he actually wanted to go back to the class and really liked his small group leader......that's something new for him....I'm excited to see him branching out!! Diabetes will just have to take a backseat.....once I finish my writing assignment! If anyone knows of any quick forms people have used for caregivers, babysitters share!!

Now...."old" business.....A year ago this time we were dealing with a pump start my mind is going back to this time last year. Not a good time....but I feel like we've come through a major storm and we can at least see a break in the clouds. Which is good. All good. However, seeing how his A1C rising makes me think that we've really been slacking in managing his diabetes on the pump. I'm thinking I need to get back to journaling his numbers and making more course corrections like we did on shots. But really.... do I want diabetes.....


Because I feel like that is what it takes to get the incredibly good A1C's.....hey, at this point just a good A1C would be nice.

Finally......last week driving home from the gym the radio station did it again.....played that song.....THE SONG.....Why oh why? I BAWLED my eyes out!! I got still going....parked in the garage and continued to bawl. J.J. was spying on me!! He popped his gorgeous little head up to the window....then asked why I was crying. I told him, "It's the blasted song!! Can't hear it without crying." He said, "Oh...the one about the boy in the hospital?" Yep...that one....get's me every time!!! EVERY TIME!! He got in my lap and gave me a huge squeezer and ran away unphased......

........but for me.......

....diabetes is always on my mind!!!!

(There....I've my mind can move on.....right?....maybe???... SIGH...)

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Jill said...

Awwww.... (((HUGS)))

You know, no matter how long you go away, isn't it nice to know that when you come back there is always someone to read and post on your blog :)

I know how frustrating the "plans" are but I will share what we did for Kacey. Last year, I went through all the legal mumbo jumbo and got an official 504 Plan done for school. It moreso used for testing and such. Then I went and bought some nice plastic folders and put page protectors in them. The folder consists of 6 pages. I call it her Health Care Plan. There is a folder for each classroom she is in during the day. So there is no question what to do if shes got a high/low situation. I'd be more than happy to email them to you so you can model one by what I've used. I collected all the folders at the end of the school year in June, then I just edited the papers and printed a new set for this year and replaced the others. So you need- folder and 3 protectors per folder. These are also helpful for babysitters & grandparents ;)

Congrats on the 1year Pump-aversary :) How about starting by printing out the logs that the pump software provides you? Then you can see where he is consistantly staying high and start with a change there :) One baby step at a time!!

Sometimes we just need to push the D-Monster to the closet but sadly we have to face it sometime and the first step is knowing we have to. I think summers get us off routine a bit and we'd rather be doing fun things than worrying about diabetes getting in the way. Fall is here and with that comes basal changes and colds! So we have more focus on diabetes.

I think it's great that JJ is learning how to dose himself :) Kacey does all of that on her own now but she's also older than him. I hate that they have to be so responsible at such a young age but you're sending him down a great path to managing things on his own :) Way to go Mom!

Great to see you back....even if it's just for a short time :)

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