Monday, September 28, 2009

Goodnite....I WISH.....

I've been meaning to tell everyone we found a solution to J.J.'s dermatitis problem(you can read about it here.) Shortly after the last endo appointment I went on a quest to find something J.J. could wear at night other than diapers. Besides we couldn't even find a diaper that would fit him anyway....and we weren't going to go through a medical supply company to buy something in his size.

What I did find are Goodnites. They are for bedwetting, so they keep the moisture away from his skin. Plus the really awesome thing is that they contain everything really well. Almost eliminated the daily sheet washing....which is what we did when we ran out of the Goodnites and went to Pull-ups as a back up.....NOT GOOD!

The only drawback is that they are more expensive than diapers or while it's an awesome thing to find something that works, it's hard forking out the extra dollars. We've gotten an online coupon and a sample that had another coupon which helped.....but if all my friends and family would keep an eye out for coupons to these I'd really appreciate it. Every dollar or two counts!:)

I wish I could say it is a "goodnite" here....but unfortunately I am able to punch out this blog post because I'm waiting to check J.J. in another hour. It's was a long, tiring day....(btw, J.J.'s class went great...the teachers seem comfortable caring for him).....and just as I'm ready to slip in bed I check J.J. one last time only to find him in the 400's!!! It's another "head scratcher", WHAT? HOW??? WHY???? I put him to bed at 9:30 pm in the low 100's....thinking he might tank because he was only on the insulin for an hour, hubby checks him at 10:30.....180's.....doses for the 180....thinking WOW, he's going up too fast....... I check him at 11:30 450!!!! ARGH......

L E E R !!!!!!!!

Well...such is our odd life...but at least he is wearing his GOODNITES!!!!:)

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