Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flashback.....Day 3....He's My Son

A year ago a song was brought to my attention as I drove to the gym. I had heard it many times on our local Christian radio station. I even knew some of the lyrics. But I never paid much attention to it. Until this day a year ago.

I listened very carefully to the words. As I listened my heart sank. I began to cry. What a sad song. What a heart wrenching song. A father praying for his son, who is apparently sick. But with what?

"Will this be my prayer?" I thought. But I quickly got rid of the thought. Not MY son. But there was that tug...that something or SOMEONE saying "Yes, your son." I tried to ignore it....and I did this day. I took note of the song.....that was all. Took note of it.

What was the song? He's My Son by Mark Schultz. He wrote it after watching a family deal with their son's leukemia. It's a song/prayer any parent would sing for their child...boy or girl. I cannot listen to this song since that day a year ago without tears and sometimes sobs. So please don't play it in my presence just to watch me cry!!:-)


type1mom said...

Oh Lynnea, that just killed me! ((HUGS)) as you remember this time last year, this is our two year anniversary of living with Maddison's Diabetes, so I am right here with you.

Penny said...

I used this song as the background music for the video I played at Walk of Hope last year. There wasn't a dry eye in the place.

Anonymous said...

In Sept.21, 2007 my youngest son was diagnosed with brain cancer, in Oct.5 my son fell into coma, since then we spent every min and every hr not missing a beet, with him all along. 10 months after i was allowed to bring him home where he passed away in june2008, in Sept his older brother was diagnosed with liver cancer too, we couldn't bring my son home , he passed away in jan2009, and listening to the song, "He's my son " that was my prayer. And I miss them more everyday. Loving them more and longing to see my boys one day , when in the Lords time we won't be separated by death, as it's suppose to be death in Christ there is no Gbyes!

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