Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Diabetes Abortions

I know I am not going to get any popularity points for this post, but the thoughts have been swirling in my head for weeks.....begging to get out.  So here is my thought process....

While praying for the unborn in church a few weeks ago the pray-er mentioned the value of life even for Downs babies.  And I don't know why but that stopped me from hearing the rest of the prayer.  What? Downs babies....what do they have to do with the abortion issue?  Well, I knew....kinda sorta....but I didn't really know.

My mind quickly went to the genetics counselor we were advised to see when I was pregnant with my son 2 yrs ago.   Being "elderly" in the birthing world my docs wanted more testing to rule out Down Syndrome.  Normally I would have told them to stick their tests where the sun don't shine....but having J.J. really made me think that if I could KNOW beforehand I was going to have a child that needed extra care I would like the time to research and learn all I could.  Prepare ya know?  Well...back to this particular session.....the counselor learns of J.J.'s diabetes and she says..."You know researchers are trying to find the genetic link to diabetes, so they can better inform parents...even in the womb."

At the time my maternal hormones were flowing. I could care less what researchers were doing I just wanted to get to the ultrasound room to see this baby.  But later....o.k...almost 2 yrs mind can't shut off.  So this lady is telling me that they are trying to find genetic links to diseases so there is CHOICE.  For whom?

Back to last week.  I was reading an article about a family that had a Down syndrome boy, then ended up adopting 3 more!!!  I was reading it aloud to my 16 yr old when I choked back tears...I couldn't read on.  The line I stopped at was this:

Ninety-three percent of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.

I knew the percentage was high....but NINETY-THREE percent!!!  Wow!!

Then that same week I see a news blurb stating that diabetes is taking a toll...burdening our state health care system.  It's costing soooooo much....


Soooo..... if researchers figure out a way to diagnose Type 1 or even Type 2 in the womb....and since diabetes is such a "burden"....will parents be encouraged to abort that child? about this question to Type 1 parents.....Would you have allowed your child to live?  Or would you have terminated his/her life? 
Would I have let J.J. live?

I think you know my answer. 

What concerns me is the thought that we should eliminate people because they have a disease, genetic disorder, or what have you. The prevailing thought seems to be that if life will be hard or costly then eliminate it.   I'm not at all saying Downs is an easy disorder.  But the few families I've known find a lot of blessing along with the burden. 

I think many would abort a Type 1 child as well if they were to look at the whole of the disease.  And that completely makes me sad......but then mad.....and then I take it all to God and pray earnestly that researchers don't figure it least for the purposes of killing more children.   I can't imagine life without J.J.....Type 1 and all!! are a treasure beyond all comprehension!!  I thank God for you....diabetes and all!!!  You were fearfully and wonderfully made!!  Now live a glorious life.......LIVE!!!   LIFE!!!  HUGS!!  MOM

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Alyson Cheatham said...

I so agree with what you are saying in this post! I actually have a brother with Downs, he is a wonderful blessing to our family, he just turned 23 and is a joy to be around! My son is a Type 1 (he's 2) and my heart breaks at the abortion rate for downs babies, and I am grief stricken at the thoughts you pointed out, mainly because I believe you are right. Our nation seems to have no problem playing God. I will join you in prayer, and add that people's ears and eyes be opened so we can eliminate the senseless thought process to begin with. Thanks for this post. :)

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