Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the pump again.... we go....trying the pump again!!

Yesterday was THE day!  It was going to be a fairly quiet day with all his siblings(minus babe) gone to the Mall of America.  J.J. was really scared of the shot.  He remembered it hurting REALLY bad!  We counted....1....2...3.....POKE!!  He didn't flinch, and says "Was that it?".

An hour after eating he was at 200...YES!! It's working!! 

What we decided to do (for now) is continue to give him long acting insulin for basals twice a day, but deliver some of his basal through the pump to prevent clogs or air bubbles.  We felt pretty comfortable with his basal dosages and wanted to mess with that later if needed.  It was nice to be able to give his bolus through the pump.  Once we forgot some carbs,  another time he wanted more food.  I'd forgotten how nice that is!:)  I also appreciated the pump when I checked in the night and got a slightly high reading and the pump did the .3 correction. 

I suppose the only minor complaint for him is getting used to toting around a medical device all day.  I offered to sew pockets inside his pants, but he says that'd be too uncomfortable.:(  I should try it, and let him see how it works for him.

Also....yesterday I mentally set an A1C goal for the year.  I pray we get there.    


Rachael said...

Good Luck with the pump, and your A1C goal.. something I am also striving for with my son a better A1C

Marty Buckingham said...

Hope the pump works well for you this time. I would think it would be easier and JJ will get used to it.

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