Friday, April 20, 2012

BIG D....

"As J.J. and I walked through the corridor from the clinic to the parking garage it all began to sink in. "  ~~Our Bon Jovi-esque Endo Visit

This time as J.J. and I walked through the corridor I replayed in my mind and heart how that last appointment went.....but I didn't linger long....I couldn't......I was mentally fist pumping.....YES!!  YES!!! YUUUSSSS!!!!   I had to stop and get a picture of the BIG D!!  I wanted to remember this appointment.  Not only for the great results but for the comment J.J. made as we passed the BIG D on the way in....."They must have made this floor D because the Diabetes Clinic is on this floor."   I had never noticed that before!!

Since J.J.'s last appointment we made a lot of adjustments.  He went back on the pump....but we stayed on Levimer for his basals.  We bought a more fancy smancy scale.  We dosed more often before the meals instead of after.  And many, many other minor tweaks.

So....the results.....his A1c 7.4!!!   His last A1c....8.6!!!  Yes, I know they like him to be below 7 at this point.....but considering that 7.4 is the lowest reading that we've seen for the past 6 appointments(maybe more....I could only see that far back on the screen!)....I'm pretty stoked.   I think the Endo was slightly speechless.  There wasn't much for her to say.  She did try to look at the 10pm-12am time period....but that time slot has always been notoriously difficult to manage for J.J..   We'll try upping his basal on the pump at that time to see if it helps.

We have to work on the lows.  J.J. has a hard time stopping to get a snack when he's active.  He's beginning to understand the importance....I HOPE!!  

We also were shown how to use another infusion set and given a few samples.  He's so thin the only site we can use is his backside....which looks like a war zone.   This new set goes in at an angle instead of straight it can be used on thinner places on the body.  J.J. didn't think he'd like we'll see.

His blood work came back.....ALLS GOOD!:)  No celiacs, liver looks good.  The Lipid Panel was lost...hoping they find it!!!

After the appointment we celebrated by going to a wonderful children's bookstore.  J.J. didn't know what the store was so he said "Do I have to go in with you?"  He was pleasantly surprised.  I told him he could pick out one item.  After a bit he comes to me and wants to use his one item on his sister.....or.....maybe his little brother.   I couldn't resist.....I bought what he picked out for them.....and him!!:)

Today has a happy BIG D day!!:)

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