Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Diabetes Christmas

When the kids were younger (and so was I)....I would stay up the night before we celebrated Christmas preparing last minute gifts.  Whether it be sewing or wrapping or assembling there was always something to keep me up late.  This year it' guessed it.....diabetes.

J.J. has been really high the past few nights.  This requires extra loads of laundry and middle of the night wake up calls by J.J. to dose him.  So tonight I edged up his nightly basal a little....a little mind you!!  I mean the past few nights we've seen 300's and 400's!!!  I kid you not.  So yes, a little nudging up of basals was in order.

We assumed he was getting sick.  His sister who bunks above him has been vomiting.  So we thought: "diabetes always lets us know when a cold, flu, or sickness is headed our way by unexplained edging up the basals is an o.k. thing....unless HE vomits."

But he hasn't vomited.  No....not vomit....thankfully!

He's just sitting in the 50's for the past hour!!!  I went to check on him at a quarter to one....AM!!  And discovered him at 50.  Juice box...30 minutes later....58....juice box...15 minutes later.....59.....juice box...78......and here I am passing the time writing this....waiting to see if that's all he'll need.....TIME...2:20.....A...M!!!

The kids wanted to get up early and open gifts.   They know I am NOT an early morning person.  Our pessimist  realist child informs everyone that gift opening won't commence until NOON!!  I think she may be spot on!!  

Hold on a minute.....another blood check.

Ahh....finally 130....a little assurance I can get a some shut eye.  Although probably not for we watch the pendulum swing the other way from ALL THAT JUICE!!!!

And such is the beginning of a Diabetes Christmas!!

Good night all....and Merry Christmas!:)

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