Tuesday, August 23, 2011

News from CAMP!!!

This afternoon I nearly jumped out of my chair when I was checking my phone for new e-mail.  Molly had sent me a picture of J.J., but my phone was taking FOR.EV.ER to download it.  I couldn't wait.....I ran to the computer to see MY BOY!!! 

He's pictured with Dixie, Molly's Diabetes Dog!!  He says he wants a dog like Dixie too!:)

He looks so good...doesn't he????  Well, I know I'm way biased!!  But he does look happy.  Molly said he's having a good time.....by the looks of that smile I believe her!

Molly helps out at the camp and said she'd try to find J.J. when she was there.  I'm thankful they finally got to meet.   Over 2 1/2 years ago Molly sent us supplies for J.J. as he was starting on the pump.  A HUGE blessing......and now this!!  Thanks again Molly for making my day much brighter!!!  


jan bretz said...

This is so cool, Lynnea! I've been thinking about JJ and praying for him and for you! So excited for this great opportunity for him! Loving you all! Jan

jan bretz said...

Thinking about you and JJ and praying for you all! So excited about this opportunity for him! Can't wait to see you and hear all about camp from JJ!

Molly said...

Such a handsome couple! :-)
Glad I could meet JJ. He's a cool guy.

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