Sunday, August 21, 2011

He's At Camp!!

As we approached the check-in lines J.J. said his stomach hurt and he didn't feel good.  I asked him if he was nervous.  He said he was.  His face was white and I had visions of him vomiting on the grass right there in front of the entrance.   But we got to the line and he began to listen to the chatter as kids were introducing themselves and talking about their diabetes, when they were diagnosed, etc.  I could tell he was easing up a bit.

We got through the next line where we let the doctors know what his dosages were then headed for his cabin.  His head cabin leader was diagnosed at 22 months!!  He's been at the camp for 14 years!  Plus he plays the guitar....something J.J. told me this morning he wants to do.

We then spent the next hour or so walking around the camp...getting J.J. acclimated.  He wanted to head to the river...which includes a steep hill....but he felt low.  We had already given the cabin leader his poker, etc.  So we headed back to the car to get his diabetes bag.  He was 54, so we gave him a juice box.  Before we knew it the time was gone and J.J. headed to his cabin while Jason and I headed to a new parents meeting.

In the meeting they tried to ease all our fears....that there is plenty of staff....."probably more than the Hudson Hospital"....the camp director joked.  I wanted to cry.  Not because of being fearful...or that he wasn't in good hands.  Stuff like this doesn't make me fearful.  God has J.J....I know that.  What made me want to cry was her comments that we can go home hit DQ on the way and not have to count carbs, we are on the front lines all the time...finding test strips EVERYWHERE, carrying a bunch of fruit snacks in the bottom of our purses, getting up at 2 am......basically reminding me that my son has diabetes.....and we can go home and forget about it....take a break from it.  That I am dropping my kid off at a camp....not JUST to be a kid and have fun....but a camp designed and equipped to work with diabetes kids.  DIABETES!!! 

Honestly I don't think much about his diabetes.  It's a part of our daily lives.  We've adjusted.  We live with it....but it doesn't impact me like it did in the beginning.  Actually I'm happy to keep it out of my daily "conscience"...but when she was speaking it was a small blow....another reminder.....MY SON HAS DIABETES.  I guess I need to tell myself again...." what?"

I suppose I coulda skipped that meeting....OH WELL!!  

We were walking out and saw J.J. with the rest of his cabin mates.....gave him a big hug and left.  I was thankful we took him to two other camps this summer....I think that will help him adjust.  He knows how hard the first day any camp...and that once that day is over it gets easier!!!

Jason and I talked about that maybe we should've signed him up for a week instead of the half week, but it's a trial year.  If he really wants to go next year we'll have to start a monthly fund for it.  We'll see how he likes it!!:)  

Three days without we come!!:)

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