Tuesday, December 30, 2008



J.J. was running super high on Saturday night, but he had been somewhat high most of our trip. I had him on a 150% temp. basal which had been helping. But the highs we were experiencing Saturday night were really weird. Numbers in the 400's and 500's....no ketones...thank-you Lord!!

This situation was somewhat like the last time we traveled. J.J.....high. Mom and Dad....confused. However, this time we were less stressed about it. We started giving shots to get him down, but then he would eat again or the shot would wear off then ...... Whammo!!.....TO THE MOON. We figured it was one of three scenarios.....

  1. He was getting sick---possible since his sisters had vomited the night before.
  2. Our insulin was losing it's effectiveness----possible since we are on week 4.5 w/ this vial.
  3. The site was kinked---possible since hubby did the site change....maybe his 3rd EVER.

All three scenarios swirled in my head Sunday morning. I haven't had a kinked site yet....at least when I was using the right infusion sets....so I had a hard time thinking it was the site. I kept asking hubby what he had done knowing full well that he probably wouldn't be able to tell me. Plus, even if he did everything "right" it could still be kinked.

We were about ready to head home from Nebraska but J.J.'s post breakfast numbers were through the roof. I decided to change the site real fast before we left. I left the old site in. I didn't want to rip his skin off since there wasn't time to soak in a tub & I didn't bring any De-solve It.

We made it home.....J.J.'s number still running high.....but acceptable. I had upped his basal by 200%.....knowing he would be sitting all day. It wasn't until the next morning I realized that I needed to take off the old site. When I did my reaction was:


Kinked Site

The cannula was scrunched up sitting right on top of his skin. Didn't even penetrate the skin. Hubby was with me when I took it off and was shaking his head wondering how he managed to kink it so bad. I really don't have an answer for that......I know it just happens sometimes.....but.... poor guy....it had to happen to him when he was trying to give me a break!!

When we got home there was plenty of mail to weed through. One of the items was a package from Molly over at Dam Diabetes . She had contacted me a couple weeks ago wondering if I could use some supplies she didn't need anymore.

Kindness from the D-OC

She sent us a load of supplies....months worth for us. I can't tell you what a blessing this is to us....not just financially, but the act of kindness encourages us and strengthens our desires to persevere and endure. It reminds us that we aren't alone in our struggles and there are others out there willing to come alongside to help. God is so good to bring people like Molly into our lives. Thank-you Molly for reaching out to us & giving so generously!! (Oh...and go over to her site to see Dixie....her "diabetes dog".....she is just adorable!!)


Cara said...

Are you guys using Quick Sets? That's kind of what it looks like from the picture. This may be what's causing all the kinks! I use Quick Set and I don't have any problems typically. But, when I was trying to use the far side of my stomach for my site (where there is way less fat) I got a kinked set every time! I ended up tossing 6 sets before I figured out what the problem was. Basically, the site goes in fine, but when moving/playing/working, etc, the body kinks the site up. It's like your skin is pushing on your body with the site caught in between. This makes it kink.
There are some sets that go in sideways that might work better for JJ since he's so little. The, maybe you wouldn't have to worry so much.

k2 said...

Wow - that was quite a kink!
I think Cara has a point regarding Quick sets - I don't use them, but it sounds like they might work for JJ.

And how great is it that Molly sent you supplies ?! The DOC is wonderful!

Lynnea said...

Cara...so far we only have the choice of putting the site in the bum...he has NO FAT anywhere else. I did check to make sure it was in a fleshy part of the bum...and it was.....but you made us think that possibly J.J. tensed while hubby was putting in the site....maybe causing it to not get in good. We think that might be the case...I always wait for J.J. to relax, and get distracted with something else....usually another sibling before I do the dreaded deed!!

If it were to start happening more often I might have to try a different set....but it's just our first kink so...

K2...yes it is GREAT what Molly did! I am loving the DOC!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Holy kinked cannula batman! That's impressive!

Molly & Dixie are great, and I'm very glad to hear she was able to help you out.

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