Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So far.....

.....I'd say our little trial back to MDI is going good!!:)

J.J. is loving the freedom of being able to go out to his dirt pit without having to mess with his pump. It has given him such a sense of freedom I didn't anticipate. I guess I never thought much about how much of a "pain" it is for a little boy to always be "bothered" by an attached medical device 24/7.

One HUGE positive of MDI is that my husband gets a much more restful sleep. We worked extensively with our endo to get J.J.'s nighttime numbers to stabilize on the pump, but we had all resigned to the fact that it wouldn't be possible until he was older. On the pump Jason was getting up 3-4 times a night most of the week.....rarely just once or twice. Since switching to shots he only gets up once or twice a night. A bonus to all of this is that we've seen incredibly good overnight numbers so far.

Another positive is we don't worry so much when we go somewhere that the pump or site will malfunction and I'll have to get home to fix it. When he goes high on the pump we start thinking is it this or that or the other or ???? SO MANY VARIABLES on top of the "normal" diabetes variables. When I'm gone it's harder to troubleshoot. So we both ended up being a lot more relaxed as we stole some time away for ourselves last weekend. (As another bonus.....Jess thought it would be awful switching just before we left town, but she was pleasantly surprised and noticed her stress levels were greatly reduced as well.....and that NIGHT TIME WAS A BREEZE compared to the pump!)

The downsides to MDI so far are......

The shots sting sometimes...especially Lantus.

One time while we were gone J.J. wanted to eat and Jess was off to one of her functions for a bit......so he felt slighted that he couldn't have dinner until Jess returned. This will be remedied soon as the other girls pitch in. He had eaten lunch 2 1/2 hours earlier, and he wasn't low.....so we weren't too worried about him starving!!:)

The last "downside" I'm not sure whether it's kind of a positive as well. The "downside" is when he wants food at odd times.....lots of snacking......or when he wants to add more carbs to his meal that we've already dosed. This may seem like an inconvenience because we hesitate to give another shot for the extra carbs.....but when we think about it.....does he REALLY need it? Is it worth it? On the shots we have to contemplate whether he should have that extra piece of ___________. That is actually a good thing.

So......all that to say....we'll keep going for now!:)


George said...

Being on a pump makes me forget the freedom I did have when I was on MDI. I guess after being on MDI for 16 years I was happy to lessen the needles BUT you have a good point, I cannot just hop into a pool if I feel like be silly like that.

Plus, I would have to ditch the iPhone! :)

Wendy said...

Love the mud!!!!! That's so cool!!!!

Glad MDI is going well :) We've considered giving Lantus, keeping a zero basal, and using the pump for boluses (IOB!!!!)

But that still wouldn't solve the playing in the mud issue because of his site!

ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! As long as he's happy, I think it's great :)

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