Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shots vs. Pumps: On trusting YOU!!

Recently we left a really toxic "system" that subtly encouraged us to abandon all trust in our ability to make wise decisions on our own. They believed that we must follow the advice of the leaders or we were doing it WRONG....when in fact there was no right or wrong. And if we, with our own God given "helper" (read Holy Spirit), made a decision we were at peace with before God, went against what this particular system adhered to, we were ostracized, criticized, and generally looked down upon.

This week I realized that there are many "systems" that do this. Anytime one adheres to a certain viewpoint there is a tendancy to be OVERLY militant in pushing that viewpoint on others. As I began to prepare mentally for this baby I was thrown back into all the WARS going on in the child raising/babydom realm. The article, Cribs Vs. Beds: Parenthood's all-out war, had me laughing and nodding my head (oh....and looking up words in the dictionary!). But it also had me thinking.....Is it this way in the diabetes world? Are there two camps: the Shots and the Pumps? Does each believe that one is exclusively right and if you (making wise decisions) decide to manage differently then you're ostracized...looked down upon?

My own experience has been that a LOT of bloggers are pump users. And they LOVE their there pumps, talk to their pumps, some even "endorse" certain pump brands. But are they MILITANT? Do they look down, ostracize shot users? Think shot users need to be "converted" to their "pump think"? Most (that I've encountered) are not militant.....they just love what they love....and are doing what is best for them and their health.

Maybe I am naive...or maybe I don't get out much....which is very true....but if my experience is the "norm".....I hope it stays that way. I hope the SHOTS and the PUMPS always maintain a sense of grace, and understanding that in the diabetes world(at this time in history) there is not a right or a wrong. There is only: what works for you!!

Which leads me to my main point.....TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!! Don't listen to any one particular "group think". Yes, listen to the viewpoint of your doctor, but also realize your doctor is NOT in the trenches with you day in and day out. If you are intelligent, educate yourself, and are actually caring for yourself (I'm not talking to the people that ignore their diabetes.) will know what is best for you at that particular time. And what is best may change! You may go from shots to pump to shots to pump. Or maybe someday SOON there will be a third or fourth option.....who knows!!

Finally, if you are surrounded by people/doctors/outside voices, that tell you your way is absolutely WRONG, and are NOT gracious......WALK AWAY.....find another doctor, don't read those blogs, get support that isn't so militant. Again, I haven't experienced this in the diabetes realm, but some may have.....some may have a doctor so bent on pumps that if shots is the way they manage best then they may never get the real support needed.

My hope is that there is NEVER a war like the cribs vs. beds. That we can trust our instincts, love what we love and feel works best, without being militant but full of grace. Hugs to everyone in the trenches making these hard decisions!!!:)


Karen said...

What a great post!!! I agree with you 100%. I've been diabetic for 30 1/2 years. I've been pumping for just over two years. My doctor strongly recommended it, but he did not force me. He gave me the time and space to work through my reservations (and yes, fears) and reach the decision in my own time and on my own terms. For me, pumping has been a huge success from the start and it is the best thing. But I firmly believe it is largely due to the fact that I was really really ready for it.

Is pumping the best course of action for me? You bet. Is it the best for everyone? Heck no!!!! We are all so different, with different needs and different responses from our body. No one should be judged according to what treatment options work best for them.

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

We actually weren't even thinking about a pump because our endo said they don't usually do it until about 9yrs old. It wasn't until I met two adult PWD's who pump and talked with them that I even became interested in finding out more.

For us, the pump is really working great. Lower A1c and it is much easier as far as day to day diabetes management.

Of course it's scary to switch from MDI to a pump, especially when you have a routine that is working. And it's scary for kids to try something new.

And even among pumpers, some people are so protective of THEIR pump.

I say use whatever method works best for you, whether that's MDI or any of the pumps available. And the same is true when it comes to all other aspects of diabetes management. What is right for one person/family may not be right for another.

No judgment coming from me :)

T1DisneyGurl said...

I LOVE this post! I use pens and have gotten quite some...."talking to" by pumpers. maybe my mind will change but for now I'm good. Diabetes is so personal....and so shoud be the decision on what works best for us. We might all have the same non-functioning pancreas, but we are all stillindividuals with different routines and habits and so we also all manage our D differently.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! Awesometastic post!

:) Tracie said...

Jessi was MDI for 7 years and was pumping with the Animas Ping for the last year and a half....only to be back to MDI for the last 4 months. Her choice...pretty much the same reaction as your son when the pump was gone that first day!

The Dr. is supportive of her decision, wants her to have some sort of "control" with diabetes. And quite honestly, her A1C isn't any different from one to the other.....bad diet, ya gotta live...but I need to get it together for her! (you think I'd learn by now after 8 yrs)

It really is a personal choice. It's also what works best for the child's age and lifestyle. There is no right or wrong in diabetes care concerning MDI or pumps....just what works for that particular person.

Glad to hear your system is better now. That does make all the difference!

Wendy said...

Great post!

It took me 18 months to get Addy on a pump...I felt like so many families were jumping on the pump bandwagon in the first few months and they acted like I was crazy for being happy with MDI.

I do love the pump. But it's not without it's own limitations and challenges. If Addy ever decided she needed a pump break, I'd be completely fine with it.

I commend your decision to put fun in the mud above a medical device.

As for the pump wars....

Sometimes I feel like people start websites with the intention of "helping" people find information, but then they only promote certain products and don't bother explaining the real limitations that exist among said products.

Blogs are intended to be personal. Personal opinions. Personal experiences....if a blogger has a personal preference for a product, their blog is a great place to talk about it.

Websites, on the other hand, that want to be considered a reputable source of information either need to provide unbiased feedback about all options, or provide a disclaimer that makes it very clear that they will be promoting products of personal preference.

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