Friday, May 21, 2010

Practice, Practice.....

When we asked J.J. this morning what it was like not wearing his pump, he jumped in the air and exclaimed......

"I'm free!!!! I feel like a real boy!!"

I expected the "I'm free".....I didn't expect the second line. It made me realize how different he must feel all the time. So....I'll have to add another positive to MDI!!:)

This morning I began teaching the rest of the family how to take care of J.J. on MDI. When J.J. was first diagnosed they were all really too shocked and scared to want to learn. We didn't push them, but hoped they would step up. Eventually they a point of wondering if it was too much!:) Today they jumped fears(o.k. a few!)......but they have much more confidence now that they could give a shot without really, really messing up.

I had them practice using an old Lantus vial, used syringes and a clementine. Granted they can't pinch the skin of a clementine, but I had them simulate the effect. I also wanted to make sure they understood what calibration was on the syringe. I would throw out a dosage amount and ask them to draw it up for me. Thankfully I did that, because both of the girls thought the first line was "one" not "zero". So they would have been a unit off!!

J.J. even wanted to give it a try. I drew up the dose and let him inject it. Right now he's a little clumsy, being he's only 7 and his dexterity isn't quite what it will be in a few years......but I think he could do it. I don't think I'd let him draw up the insulin yet, but we shall see! For now he's where he should be.......out in the dirt be....a REAL BOY!!!!:)

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Wendy said... inspire me! I'm so happy this decision is going well thus far :)

On a side note, I just re-read my comment to the previous post....UMMMMMM....apparently my brain and my fingers weren't connecting, because what I was TRYING TO SAY was:

"Bummer that we have to make choices between a pump and MDI"


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