Monday, December 7, 2009

Toys for Tots 2009

As you may or may not know, last year we started a tradition in this family in honor of J.J.'s diagnosiversary. As a family we go shopping for Toys for Tots and drop off our donations at Kare 11 News. You can read about last years adventure here, and why we even started this tradition here.

Toys for Tots fund raising materials J.J. was featured in!!

As a quick side note, before I talk about our evening......TFT's used my story from last year for their fund raising efforts this year. J.J.'s pic and story went out to over 300,000 homes in hopes of raising funds for this years drive. I hope everyone will consider donating.....if not toys.... financially!!:)

Alrighty....on to the evening......

This year we started off with a quick bite to eat at Subway. I preached while my hubby showed the girls how to put straws together so they could "share" their pop from across the table! I jokingly told them they'll always remember the lesson on straws but not mine!! Oh day they'll come back to Matthew 7 and vaguely remember I (with Jessica's help....I can't remember a thing these days!!) was pointing them to verses 9-12 where it talks about how we as parents know how to give good gifts to our children, and that's a natural desire we have as parents. How God has given us the ultimate gift in His Son, Jesus. And then how we should treat others the way we want to be treated. Then I was over in Matthew 25 where Jesus points out that how as we help others in need it's as if we've done that deed to Jesus Himself. as I type I can see why my kids won't remember.....I'm all over the board....yep, they'll remember the straws for sure!!!
So....back to the evening.....we then headed to WallyWorld and shopped away. This year the kids knew what to expect and got right down to business. Jess used a good chunk of her giving money, so she went off in search of more of the teen specific items. Hannah ventured off in the camera/movie dept. while we stayed in the toy area.

Our carts were loaded and our trunk was full so we headed to Kare11 for the drop off. This time I remembered to have the Marine Reserves in the photo-op!!

The kids really enjoy this tradition. I hope you will consider making it one in your family! You don't need to go all out as we do....but even one gift truly does mean a lot to not only the child but to the parent!! The parent MORE SO.....for we all desire to give good gifts to our children.....and when we can't or when we're in one of life's blindsides Toys for Tots can help. Just......

..........ONE TOY!!

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