Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holy Blindside Batman!!

A few days ago I was thinking about "blindsides" and the emotional turmoil that exists after one has been blindsided by some awful news. Seems like lately, in my life anyway, the blindsides never let up. When my emotions have healed and I think it's safe to live life again, then WHAM....I'm hit again. They seem unrelenting.

I keep asking God "What is it you want me to learn? I must not be getting it.....can you give me a hint? Wait, no more of YOUR type of "hints" please. These blindsides are really starting to hurt, and I think I might just lay here for awhile, because I don't think I can handle another blow."

But then the fighter in me says:
"Get up and keep going....you won't get anywhere laying on the ground. Finish the football game would ya."

But then somebody else inside says: "Isn't there a back up wide receiver? Can't he take my place for awhile....I need to heal from all my injuries. I've been slammed too many times. I'm getting too old for this."

Diabetes, of course, is one of the "blindsides" we've been dealt in the past year. But it's just one. I seem to think if it were the only one, life would be sweet'(pun intended). But there are many blindsides in life. Unexpected twists and turns and all out body slams that leave a person breathless.

So anyway, as I'm thinking of the blindsides, I also realize that God has perfected the art of the blindside. I mean to say that He sees the bigger picture in all these events. He's sifted them through His loving hands. He knows what's gonna happen before it happens. He knows we don't know it's gonna happen before it happens, and yet even in the worst of trials and circumstances and what we see as "blindsides", He sees as opportunities to increase our faith.

Think about Job for a minute. That dude was hit pretty hard with some nasty blindsides--just read the first few chapters. He didn't know what was goin' on with God and Satan. He didn't know they were chattin' away about him or the reason for the blindsides. But read to the end....Job finally gets it, and God restores all twofold.

Job gives me hope---hope that these blindsides have meaning and purposes that one day I may fully understand.

And so it goes with blindsides......they're going to be there, and sometimes they'll be there constantly. But if we consider God and His Holy purposes and that they are ALWAYS good and right and just, we will proclaim:

Holy Blindside Batman!!

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