Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm a moron.....too!!!

So, yeah.......it's true...I'm a moron!

Saturday Cara wrote the blog I'm a moron.... explaining some of her recent goof-ups in her diabetes management. I wrote a comment saying I'd join the club because I've done the same things managing J.J.'s diabetes. HOWEVER.....I made a point to say that MY HUSBAND has forgotten to dose for a meal.

Well, since I wrote that comment I kept wondering WHEN I would forget to bolus for a meal.....because we all know PRIDE COMETH BEFORE A FALL!!! I knew I was somewhat gloating in my comment. I knew I wasn't the ONE to forget to bolus for a meal.......


UGH!! Do you see that reading!!?? UGH!!! I'm so frustrated..... yet a little part of me grins because I KNEW it would happen soon......but I feel SO INCREDIBLY BAD!!

J.J. was all geared up to eat lunch. His mouth was watering with the idea of grilled cheese, the last bit of crumbs in the chip bag, and a smoothie. BUT NOW....what is he having??......a TALL bottle of SierraMist FREE....no carbs....and a handful of peanuts....5 carbs. I offered him cheese....but he says HE's SICK OF CHEESE!! Can't blame him...I would be too!

So far this year is not starting off the greatest.....twice since the beginning of the year we've forgotten to bolus for breakfast. When Jason forgot I dismissed it as just weird scheduling....we were out of our routine, etc. etc. Well, what excuse do I have??(.....besides the fact that I'm a complete MORON???)

Well....I think a "good" one....J.J. was 70 before his meal and a little shaky, so I knew he was on a downward spiral even though he wasn't really low, but if I were to dose before the meal it'd be a little riskier for him. So when he's borderline like that I dose mid-meal or after the meal. THAT WAS THE PROBLEM!!! I meticulously added up the carbs in everything he ate....but didn't bolus before the meal like usual! BUT...like usual... I continued on with my busy day....and completely forgot! UGH!! UGH!!

So yeah....I'm definitely in the diabetes moron club....anyone else want to join??!!


type1mom said...

I would be mad too! I always am when **I** forget to bolus Maddison! Sheesh, stinks to be human :(

Cara said...

Well, it happens to the best of us. :) Try lots and lots of sugar free jello and a little cool whip on top. It's so yummy (surprisingly filling) and it's only 2 or 3 carbs.
JJ should love it! It's like having dessert for dinner! :D

Molly said...

Hey, it's happened to all of us at one time or another.

In fact...it's happened to me many a time so I've become a bolus geek. When I decide to wait to bolus (because I'm on the low side when a meal starts), I set the kitchen timer. That way when it goes off it reminds me to bolus.
Hope JJ came down quickly.

Lynnea said...

Type1..isn't it frustrating though? I kept saying "How could I forget?" Yet, it was that easy to forget!

Cara--that's exactly what my husband said when I told him.."happens to the best of us!" I'll have to try the jello thing next time...you must have it in the premade pkgs...I'm thinking it would take a while to set if I made it right when I discovered the high.

Molly...Thanks for the timer tip. We use the timer when he's low and I need to re-check...but then there have been times I look at the microwave and say "Why are you beeping?" HA!

Yeah..he took all afternoon to finally get to the upper 170's...but at least he started moving down quickly.

Penny said...


I've forgotten to bolus Riley once. Unfortunalty it was his very first day of kindergarten. I forgot to bolus for his breakfast. I felt so stupid and guilty. But, as Cara said, it happens to the best of us.

k2 said...

It happens to the best of us - bolusing is a bitch when you forget all about it!!
Welcome to MORETICS - we welcome u with open arms!

All 4 My Gals said...

Funny how we get put in our place when we give others a hard time huh? ;-) I can have thoughts and not even say anything and before I know it I'm doing the same thing, having the same experience as what I thought about. Especially when it comes to my husband Joe.... oh but don't tell him that.

I think we are finally getting Emery evened out a bit. And now from what I have heard things will change again. But I'm glad she's at least had a week of fairly normal numbers.

Thanks for blogging and for teaching me!

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