Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Sweet Sweeteners....

This was the week for the artificial sweetener finds!!

We found out quickly last year that J.J.'s body doesn't handle products using Splenda.....I don't either!! He would end up spending the rest of the day in the bathroom when we gave him sugar free syrup for his pancakes. But going to normal or even light syrup bumped the carb count so high we couldn't cover it very good.

Recently I discovered a sugar free syrup that doesn't use generic name for your labels carefully if Splenda upsets your may not say Splenda on the packaging, but if it says "sucralose" in the ingredient list that is how it is sweetened.) It does use Aspertame......still not the greatest.....but J.J.'s system can handle it better. When I went to buy a bottle of it this week the store was clearancing it out....YIKES!! Does that mean I won't see it on the shelf anymore??? So you know what I did...I bought every last bottle they had!:)

Then on another shopping trip, Sam's had something called Natur in sample bags. It claims to be all natural but pack 1/2 the carbs. J.J. thinks it's a brownie mix....he keeps asking me to make whats on the front cover!! I haven't tried it yet, so no pros or cons....just plain curiosity!

Then I saw the Stevia at Trader Joes. I've heard of it....seen ads in diabetes thought I'd try some.....But man it was a chunk of change. I did put a little in my tea today and it seemed to sweeten it just fine. Not like sugar....slightly different taste....but not bad for a no calorie no carb solution. I'll let ya know how it affects my system.....well, maybe I'll spare the details....I'll let you know with a thumbs up or thumbs down and you'll know!

Since there was no real point to this post I'll also update ya'll on the ring. We went to pick it up last night and it still felt big. The person helping us got the ring sizer thingy and had me put my finger in the 2 1/ fit, and was loose!! UGH!! So we started the process of downsizing not only that ring, but my wedding ring. But then I got scared. I was concerned about the weather....cold hands equates to smaller ring size!! She said fingers tend to be bigger in the summer than winter. So I want to be able to adjust to year round. I decided to stick with the 2 3/4 size for now.....she said I have 6 months to change the size without cost, so we'll see. I may indeed end up going to a 2 1/2. high school class ring happened to be stored with my wedding ring....we sized it........ a 5!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD???? My size has dropped half since high school!! And before ya'll start thinking maybe I dropped a ton of weight....I haven't...I'm about what I was in high school if not 10-15lbs heavier!


Colleen said...

My rings are too big and I really didn't want to resize them - yet.
I went to our local jeweler and she added ring guards. It took me a few days to get used to them and - my rings don't fall off anymore.
This website shows a photo:

AmyT said...

I'm a huge stevia fan myself nowadays.

Nice ring! Mine always have to be sized "too big" in order to get over my fat knuckles. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

wow, I just got a dime out - you do have tiny fingers!

Remember in high school when we used to wrap yarn around a boyfriends class ring? Ugh, I'm dating myself now aren't I - never mind :P

All 4 My Gals said...

I use Stevia and after you get used to it, it is good.

I"m glad you're having fun with your rings. :)

huskermarty said...

Your ring is beautiful. Probably a smart idea to keep it larger for now. Good luck with the sweeteners. The Cary's Syrup is what I use and we like it. The ring guard sounds like a good idea.

Donna said...

Splenda can be a nasty thing, can't it? It sounded like it would be so good when it first came out. Then I tried it - not so good. I'm glad I didn't buy the big package!

I recently saw a commercial for a new sweetner, Truvia. Maybe it will be better. :)

Jill said...

We just tried the SF syrup yesterday for the first time. Kacey liked it :) I was shocked at the carb count on those syrup bottles!

I haven't noticed a Splenda problem yet but I'll have to keep a watch out. I've never heard of the other sweetners but we'll have to give them a try!

Gorgeous ring too! :)

Jen Smith said...

Hi Lynnea--

I use Stevia and really like it.

Quick question for you: Do you have a link to an online carb counter that you would recommend? I'd appreciate it!

Hope you're having a blessed week!

Lynnea said...

Colleen...I'll have to look at those ring guards. Wish I had known about them sooner. I did try wrapping tape around my wedding ring....felt horrible though!!

AmyT & All & Jen...still trying to get used to it & figure out right amounts. The label says 1/3 tsp is equal to 1 tsp sugar....but who has a 1/3 tsp???

Gnubee---yes you are dating yourself...:)

HuskerMOM--I just saw Cary's syrup online for $4 a 12 oz! I PAID $1.69!!! Glad I took all I could!

Donna--Splenda is NASTY!! It definitely comes back to bite me for sure! I'll have to look into truvia..I wonder if it's Stevia in disguise?

Jill--Yeah..I don't mind the taste of the sugar free it's the after effects!! NOT GOOD!

All....ring is working out good....a little loose, but doable for now. Just got back my wedding ring last night. I haven't worn it in over 5 years!!! It looks HUGE...and it's really not...but I LOVE IT!! I've definitely missed it.

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