Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year End Reflections.....

Every New Year's Eve for the past 5 years we have a little tradition around our household. Everyone is to go off by themselves and write...draw....list.....all the events they can think of that were important that year.

It's fun to see how each person has at least one event that the rest of us didn't think about. It's also interesting to see how each of us uses their creative talents in creating their list. My husband's is especially fun......he brings a list he prints out on the computer just seconds before the big "revealing". Hey, it works for him.


This year, however, it's been hard. I began thinking about it a few days ago. At first my mind could think of nothing significant. Nothing worth writing down. Only sad events. Events I would rather not remember......but will still include because they are events of 2008. But as I began to think and pray about it I realized there were many interesting and fun events mingled in with the sad ones.

Yet still, I cry. I cry when I think about the year. Tears of joy...mingled with tears of heartache.....mingled with tears of gratefulness.....mingled with tears of I think about all that God has allowed me to learn this year. The growth that comes through affliction and trials is painful to be sure.....but it is can't be taken away from me. It's more valuable than any earthly "event". It will carry with me for a lifetime and affect not only me, but my children and possibly their children.

So I'll go off to prepare my year end remembrance list/drawing/photo collage/computer printout...and...I'll praise God....for the happy times AND for the sad times. For He has been to me a rock of strength. He has seen my affliction and known the troubles of my soul. In Him I have taken refuge. He has heard my supplications when I cried to Him. I have trusted in Him.... for my times are in His hand. How great is HIS GOODNESS!! (See Psalm 31)

And..... as for the NEW "SCARY" YEAR ahead.........

Be STRONG and let your heart take COURAGE....All you who HOPE in the LORD!!!(Psalm 31:24)


Carolyn said...

It's been 3 years ago this week that my own son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 14. He's on the pump and doing well. I am just looking at some of the blogs of diabetes moms--I never thought there would be so many moms blogging about this, but it sure makes sense . . . On my Dec. 28th entry you can see our story. I am an RN and have mostly devoted my blogging to all kinds of health issues. Regards--Carolyn

Jill said...

Lynnea~ What a wonderful idea! It certainly makes you think back and appreciate the good times as well as the bad times. Just remember...those bad times made you the strong Mommy that you are :)

I'm thinking about "stealing" that idea and making the girls and hubby do the same thing. Theres been alot of tension in the house lately and this just might be something to bring to light those good times :) It will be interesting to see what the girls think about!

Have a wonderful new year :) ***HUGS***

Lynnea said... wouldn't be "stealing"...."there's nothing new under the sun"...I think I got the idea from a Family Fun Magazine article.:)

Carolyn...thanks for the comment...I checked out your blog...very interesting. I'm glad you comment on the diabetes and grief. I believe there should be more information and support in this area. I'll add you to my reader!:)

Jill said...

Lynnea~ Just wanted to come back and thank you for the great idea! We called a "Family Meeting" and I told the girls we had a "project" (haha!) I handed them and Frankie a piece of paper and asked them all to make a list of 10 things they had fun doing this past year and then turn it over and make a list of 10 things they wanted to do this coming year.

It took my brain a little while to get going (as it did everyone elses) It seemed like diabetes care was always at the front of things and it was hard to sift through and find those happy times.

We did it though! All 4 of us had our lists and we shared them. I was amazed to hear what the girls had fun doing...and I think Frankie was a little shocked at what they wanted to do. They asked for simple things like more time with Daddy and for Daddy not to talk on the phone when we went places (LOL!)

Again...thank you so much for this :) I'm sure we'll add it into our things to do every year!


Anonymous said...

My son ,Ethan, was diagnosed Sept, 13,2007. Ethan is 10 yrs old and we home school. Ethan is on a medtronic pump too. I really enjoy your blogg , especially the Bible verses!!:) It sometimes seems that you write our life here in East TN!! Well not on a farm but up being up alot thru out the night.;)
Amy F

*Kendyl* said...

I understand the first year is tough its actually been close to 10 years since I was diagnosed and my mom still crys every Aprill 11. I have actually turned my diagnoses day into a celebration that I am alive and I am healthy. Oh and have you heard of diabetes camps. They are helpful for you and your family just other people who understand your situation

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