Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Endo Visit #4......

I believe I'm finally settling into a routine with these endo visits. They aren't as traumatic as the first one. I believe it all has to do with the endo I'm seeing....I can't praise her enough. The social worker on the other hand......

She came in first. It's been a year since she's talked to us and wanted to see how everything was going. I suppose the conversation was fine, she just tends to linger too much on the fact that J.J. is homeschooled. I guess I'll give her grace and try to educate her while I'm there even though her job is to educate me! I totally boasted about the DOC!! She wanted to know if I was interacting with other diabetes moms by seeking out support groups(Ummm....they are way far away!!). I told her my biggest diabetes support has been the online community, and reading blogs from other moms. YOU ARE AWESOME!!

The endo finally shows up and announces J.J.'s A1C is 7.3%!!!! I asked her to repeat the result again. I couldn't be hearing right. Our numbers were HORRIBLE. Starting on the pump has been so hard.....and we've had some incredibly high numbers. Last night I prayed that God would allow me to accept whatever the results were.....but in my head I thought about how high it could be before I walked out of there crying......I thought a 9% would do it!!! His two previous A1C's have been 7.5% and 7.1%. The endo said we're pretty much staying the same. Hey....I'll take the result.....and the endo thinks its just fine for his age and our stage in the game.

The other interesting "result" is that J.J. gained 2 lbs and 1 inch in three months!!! That explains all the adjustments we were making. The stinker was going through a growth spurt. Jason made a comment to the effect that J.J. has almost doubled his weight from the time we brought him to the hospital. What a blessing!

The rest of the time was pretty routine. The endo finally changed his basals....we've been running J.J. on a 150% temp basal for a few weeks now. I knew I needed to change the setting permanently but was too lazy! She showed us more potential sites we could use on his bum.....and told him he needed to gain 50 lbs before he could use his stomach!:) She thinks he still has a bit of a honeymoon left considering the amount of insulin he's on and how he reacts to highs. It's really great for him to have some function this long and not very common for his age. It may have to do with the fact that he hasn't had any illnesses since his diagnosis that would wipe out cells at a faster rate. Who knows??? Diabetes is such a mysterious disease.

Unfortunately his next visit will entail a blood draw!!:( I just hate watching him go through those. I won't think about it's three months away!!

Walking out of endo appts with a smile is always a good thing for me!!

I'll end with a little story that has nothing to do with diabetes. Hubby bought me an anniversary band for Christmas. I have really petite fingers.....really petite. I took the ring off to put lotion on while we were waiting for the endo and hubby put the ring on J.J.. It was actually tighter on J.J.'s finger than mine!!! We decided to swing by the jewelry store since I haven't been in a jewelry store since I helped pick out my wedding ring. The lady helping us quickly recognized that the ring was too loose. I also looked around and realized my tiny little fingers can handle only so much. She pulled out a ring that had 5 small stones to represent my 5 children, but even that one she said wouldn't work because when they downsize it the setting would wrap around my finger!!!! She said the ring hubby gave me could be downsized further. Can you guess my ringsize?????

2 and 3/4!!!!

While we were checking out we noticed the jewelry lady chick had this ginormous ROCK on her finger. Of course hubby makes some wisecrack about it, so she takes it off and has me try it on!!! It seriously took up almost half of my ring finger. You know I always thought I wanted a ginormous ROCK....even if it was fake....but now I know hubby knows me best....small and petite looks the best on me and my little itty bitty fingers!!:)


Jill said...

Lynnea~ Im so happy for you!! Thats a great "report card" and I know you had to be smiling all afternoon :) Great job Mom!

LOL about the ring ;) and Wowwww those ARE some tiny fingers!!

***Huge Hugs***

Cara said...

Okay, I'm seriously jealous of the ring size. :P I have really really short fingers, but they are FAT! :D
Congrats on the A1c!! That's fantastic.
And even though I'm not the mom of a diabetic, I'm glad you are blogging, cause I LOVE to read it and because it gives me a little insight into what my poor parents went through. You are a wonderful mother!

huskermarty said...

Great numbers and he is growing so much. Now we need a picture of the ring, lol

Anonymous said...

God is an awesome God eh! Thanks for the fun day, and the encouraging words....I'm glad you like the ring too. I love you!! Your Hubby:)

Wendy said...

Way to go with that awesome A1c! I was excited to hear about's something I've been pondering for a LONG time.

Keep up the great work!

Molly said...

Wow, tiny fingers!
Glad the endo appointment went smoothly, and great A1c results.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I too was excited for you both when I saw the update. Way to go!

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