Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flashbacks.....Day 2

A year ago this week was extremely hectic. I remember thinking if I could get through this week I could begin to enjoy the Christmas season. I was teaching a women's study at church which required much mental prep the final two days before I taught. Hubby had 2 company Christmas parties we needed to tackle as well.

On this day a year ago I began searching the internet for symptoms. Diabetes was stuck in my head, so I googled that first. However, I entered a pool of muck as I waded through the information. So much of it was a muddy mess of type 2 with a little mingling of type 1. The symptoms confused me. He had some, but not others, and all of them could be explained away by some other minor problem.....not a major lifechanging disease.

Added to my confusion was the fact that J.J. would have "normal" days. He did seem tired.....but he had seemed that way for some time. So an afternoon nap was not out of the ordinary.

I do remember only looking up symptoms I wasn't going to go down the route of looking up all the treatments and complications. I just wanted to diagnose. That's all. I purposefully tried to limit the information.

This day I didn't act on anything or come up with any conclusions. I had a lot on my mind with the next days lesson I had to teach. Plus J.J. seemed "normal".....other than the bedwetting. At this point there wasn't any urgency.

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