Monday, December 8, 2008

D-Day Flashback.....

ONE YEAR TODAY!!! J.J.'s DIAGNOSIVERSARY!!! was just fabulous and I can't wait to blog about it...but the day isn't over and I have so much to tell...but still lots to do......and enjoy! I'll just spin out a few lines right now so I can get back to my family.

First....thanks ya'll for enduring my flashbacks. It's been cathartic.

Second.....I've already written some about this day in these two posts if you want to check it out:

J.J.'s Diagnosis
December 8, 2007

And lastly.....

I've been writing this week about how God prepared my heart to hear the news of J.J.'s diabetes. It was on this day HE carried it. All the scripture He had shown me earlier in the week and the song He opened my ears to came flooding back that first LONG night in the PICU. Yes, I had my Bible, and I tried to read, I did.....but my mind was too full. My heart too much in shock.

I kept thinking of the blind man in John 9:1-3. Why was this man blind from birth? He was born blind to display the works of God!! He was born blind to GLORIFY GOD at the right and perfect time. Nothing is beyond God's loving purposes. I kept thinking over and over, God can use this. God can use this to glorify HIMSELF. Could my son be used to glorify HIS son? I begged God this day one year ago to use this for HIS Glory. I so needed to SEE some purpose in the pain I just watched my son endure. (I was yet to realize the enormity of the disease.)

I filled my mind with everything I was thankful for. Even dumb little things like extended wear contacts!! I didn't have an overnight bag since we went straight from the doc office to the hospital. To be able to wear my contacts for more than 16 hours without them glued to my eyeballs was a blessing! Of course the biggest blessing was to have my son alive.

A blessing indeed.....

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