Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Check this Out......

Having a blog on the WORLD wide web means I'm an open target for unsolicited e-mails. Granted I don't get that many, and I do take time to read through "legitimate" e-mails. Often I just read and move on. Rarely a blip on my radar. For some reason I didn't today. I'm glad I didn't.

Here is the e-mail:

I found you off the Diabetes OC blog while searching for blogs of parents of Children with Type I Diabetes. Thought you might be interested in this:

We have just launched Wall Blank ( where we put a new limited edition print (sometimes photo, sometimes screenprint, sometimes another type) up every weekday. They're only available for one week. But on Fridays, the artist donates their work and 100% of the proceeds from their print go to a non-profit cause of their choice.

So last Friday, our no profit print was by Kylie Banks whose daughter has Type I Diabetes and all of our profits from this print go to the Juvenile Diabetes Reserach Foundation. The print will only be up for two more days though!

It's a lovely print :) Anyway, thought you might find it interesting. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reply. Thanks!

jenn castro

I decided to follow the link to wallbank, and then followed the link the the artists wallbank site, then followed the link know the routine....I was CAUGHT in the WEB....

What an amazing photos, what amazing posts.....I especially liked this one......Thanksgiving Reflections.

Her daughter was recently diagnosed. If you have time.... swing over and see her wonderful photos, read her blog and give her a cyber hug!! If you feel so inclined .... buy her print from wallbank to help in her fight for her daughter.....all proceeds go to only have until FRIDAY!

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Kylie Banks said...


Thanks so much for the link and kind words! I've marked your blog so that I can follow your journey. We're just at the beginning of ours, so it helps to see those who have been doing this for awhile and how well they've adjusted. Your son is adorable, Lilly loves looking at other kids with diabetes and realizing she's not the only one doing this. *hugs*

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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