Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Help! I'm in a Dream......

A lot has transpired since the last post. The high numbers of that night and the following day and night caused us to increase his basals. Yesterday, however, I did go back to normal basals, but ended up with correction bolus's. Not too whacky, but not what our old "normal" we were still on "alert mode".

Last night, however, is just causing our heads to shake. We have NEVER had a night like this. When he went to bed he was 84. A little low for night time numbers, but we didn't want to correct considering the last two nights. We decided to just wait and watch.

Here are the results from last night:

84, 95, 95, 96, 93

Then woke up at 70!

What in the WORLD???? I must be dreaming!!! In the middle of the night I asked hubby what the number was then jokingly said "Did our meters break?". For sure something is just NOT right. But everything is working right.

Now my little heart is wondering if this is what a new "normal" could look like. To have him stay steady all night is a DREAM of ours. This is one dream I hope we don't wake up from...but......I'm too much of a "realist"...I know it can't last. Tonight is a new night.....but maybe, just maybe.....the dream will come true again!


Jill said...

Lynnea....LOL ....JJ and Kacey are playing "trading spaces"...haha! We've been fighting unexplained high's for over 24 hours now after having 2 weeks of nearly perfect blood sugars!

Glad he's got good numbers :) Im sure he's feeling much better too! Hope it continues to stay that way!

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a fantastic string of numbers!

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