Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insulin Sensitivy: Take Two.....

Since we tried to get his insulin sensitivity yesterday and well, it appears it was somewhat botched... I really didn't think we would have another opportunity. However, his number right before lunch was over 200. So I thought we should give it another try.

(As a side note I have come to the conclusion that this kid should NOT eat Panera bagels for breakfast. about high carb!! This is the first food I've seen a pattern where I just can't seem to dose enough for it. He loves them so much and we get them quite the bummer.)

I decide to dose just a half unit for the 220, and give him eggs, diet pop, and cheese. The pop is in there to entice him to eat the eggs AGAIN for lunch!! I check 2 hours later:

62!!!! that dose...the lowest dose I can technically give him using a syringe.... dropped him 158 mg/dL in 2 hours..... OH MY!!

I still wasn't able to check him at the 3 & 4 hour marks because I had to give him carbs to correct the low!!

Oh well......such is life. As usual his numbers are all whacky the week we head to the endo. This is beginning to become a habit for him. I'm learning to not let it stress me out.

Pump supplies arrived today.......Can you feel the excitement?....Are ya'll counting down with us?........3-2-1---just three days until J.J. goes on the pump.

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Cosmo Mom said...

Let me know how the pump works out! how old is your son?

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