Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Grief Revisited.......

It's no wonder my interest in grieving considering the year I've had. Between losing a grandma and a baby, and having a son diagnosed with diabetes, I'd say I have some sort of right to focus on this topic. I know I've talked about grieving before, and at the time had no idea there were books out there with the same title.

In mid August I got my hands on this little gem of a book. I wasn't sure what to expect since I happened upon it while ordering our books for school. I ended up being extremely encouraged by it and thought I'd share the title: Good Grief by Granger E. Westburg

This book is for anyone going through a loss no matter how small. The author recognizes that we grieve over things in life that aren't directly related to someone dieing. Sometimes we grieve over life's disappointments....not getting the job we hoped for, or seeing a loved one go in the wrong direction, or maybe something seemingly little like losing car keys. All these can cause us to grieve.

This book outlines the basic stages that people experience while grieving. Although it doesn't go into great detail about HOW TO MOVE THROUGH a stage, it does describe the stage, and what to expect. That information in itself can be comforting, and help the grieving person realize they are NORMAL. That is what this little book did for me. It opened my eyes to the whole process and realize that it is normal, it is common, and we can and move through and work through the grief.

I would recommend this book for everyone, whether grieving or not. Eventually we all suffer some sort of loss and "grieve".


As a little side update on me.....I will say the past month or so has been difficult. Yes, there are multiple trials going on in my life, but this was different, and I could tell. I was in a deep depression. I was somewhat surprised by it, considering that I seemed to have weathered the storms of this past year. Yet, I thought, "maybe it's all just hitting me now."

However, it dawned on me that I had read somewhere that Allegra can cause anxiety disorders and depression in people. I had taken Allegra in the past, but not more than a few days here and there. This time I've been taking Allegra for 6 weeks. So I decided last Saturday to stop taking it. I was at a low of lows. I honestly didn't think it was the Allegra.......I mean "good grief" there's enough going on here to cause anyone to go bonkers, but I thought I should try anything that might help. Yesterday I woke up and couldn't believe how much better I felt. I had energy and clarity of mind, and the "weight" was gone. Seriously.....a night and day difference.

So today although my nose is running and my eyes are itching I'll take it over the "darkness" Allegra caused any day!!! Now I'll pray for a hard freeze!!:-)

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Jill said...

Have you tried Claritin yet? I was on Allegra D and it made me feel "jittery" ... almost like my skin was moving when I wasnt! Weird feeling!! Ive been on the Claritin for 2 months now and I love it!! My allergies/asthma were so bad I ended up having to be tested to see what I was allergic to. I'd say give it a go and see if you feel better :) Its also non-drowsy too! Good luck!

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