Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Grief.......

I remember when I first met my husband he said, "Good Grief!!!" all the time. The funny thing is.....he kind of looks like Charlie Brown. He's been losing his hair since he was 16!!! When we were dating he even had a yellow shirt with a big black stripe around the middle.

Alright....this post isn't about Charlie Brown......it's about........GRIEF!!

My mind has been mulling over this topic for quite some time. And after reading Cara's post this evening I decided it's time to write about the grieving process that I'm in right now. Now, having my grandma pass away a little under 2 weeks ago, you might be thinking I'm talking about that grieving process. I suppose I could talk about that, but I'm thinking more of the grieving process I'm going through with the diagnosis of J.J.'s diabetes.

Now, it may shock you that I would be grieving at all. Why would I grieve? My son is alive!! My son is healthy!!! My son is happy!! So why in the world am I grieving?

I wish I could answer that question!!!!

The doctor and the nurses in the hospital talked a little bit about the whole grieving process, but I didn't listen. I thought to myself, "Why would anyone grieve? This doesn't make sense. He's not dead." Then a type1 parent from church talked about the grief that came when their 16 year old was diagnosed at the age of 3......(their hearts broke for us when they announced J.J.'s diagnoses at church.) And even then, I didn't understand. I suppose it was too soon......maybe the "shock" stage or something was clouding my emotions.

Hubby and I both commented recently that, "Now we understand what they were saying."

I guess I don't want to over analyze this, but I just want people to know and understand it's o.k. to grieve when a major life altering disease is diagnosed. And grief is not a bad thing.....sometimes it's a very needful process. It's a part of life and living. If I didn't grieve I'd be emotionless.....non-living. Of course we all grieve differently.....unique to our own personalities. But as we progress through our grief we are strengthened if we don't stay in it and let it continually drag us down. Moving through is important.....and I believe we are......Jason a little faster maybe, but that's a typical guy for ya!! All speed!!:-)

So.....if the grief we are experiencing isn't all that bad......it must be.......GOOD GRIEF!!!!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Great post. I too think it is a necessary part of life. It is difficult, and not always fun, but very necessary.

Donna said...

Great post, Lynnea. Very clever title, too!

Cara said...

You know, I'm glad that I brought up this topic now. I was a little uncertain at first. I think it's normal. For you. And for JJ when he gets a little older.
(By the way, I love Charlie Brown!)

Lisa said...

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