Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another long night....and something new.....

J.J.'s glucose levels seem to climb and climb overnight lately. We think his honeymoon is coming to an end...(I can't tell you how many times we've said that only to see it "revive".) We put him to bed at a superb number for sleeping, only to check a few hours later and have it spiked. Jason corrects, but to no avail....stays the same at the 3 hour check....so he corrects again.....to have it come down a little. We hate to "aggressively" correct since it's harder to detect a low while he's sleeping, so we "cautiously" correct. At any rate....this recent pattern of rising blood glucose makes for a long night.

We think a factor playing into this rise is the fact that we are using Lantus.....it seems to peter out after12-18 hours....not 24!!! If we were pumping we could adjust his nighttime basal. With Lantus, we're stuck. We have to wait until his scheduled time to give him more. We're going to try moving Lantus back to an evening dose instead of a morning dose....that may help with the long nights, but who knows.

I've got a great hubby who has dedicated himself to the night shift. Not an easy job!! As a result we often have this scene in the evenings while the rest of us do our normal activities:

Aww.....Care Bears!!

Jessica Takes Charge

Jason asked if he could finally take me out for our wedding anniversary.....it came and went in May with no fanfare. He said he would take care of "everything". I knew that meant he would try to find someone to watch J.J. I just hate having to find a sitter......so I asked Jessica if she was ready to give shots yet. She had told us a month or more ago that she wanted to learn. So this evening she took care of J.J.'s diabetes for us. She counted his evening carbs, and prepared a shot and administered it. Of course with us supervising!! She then got him ready for bed and gave him another needed dose before bedtime.

Administering the shot has been the last step for her. She has watched us and learned how to treat lows, count carbs, check blood, etc.....but the insulin shot has been the final leap for her. I think she will do just fine. She will have constant contact with us.....we'll be making the decisions for treatment, she'll just carry out what we've decided.

So....I'm excited to be able to have more than a "Subway Date"!!! YAY!! I so neeeeeeed more than a Subway Date!!!:-)


John said...

I'm not an insulin user, but many have experienced that their basal doesn't last 24 hours and have gone to splitting the dose into a morning and evening shot. You might want to investigate this possibility with JJ's Dr.

Penny said...

I'm not sure if this is what is happening with JJ or not, but I've noticed that when Riley is going through a growth spurt he tends to run high at night. Even with corrections he won't come down.

Of course, he's pumping so we can increase his basal at night to help with these things. I was going to recommend spliting the Lantus dose, but I see someone else already did that. But, that means an extra shot for him.

I hope you guys figure it out soon.

And, I had to laugh at your hubby. He looked so peaceful wrapped up in the kid's blanket.

Amalas said...

Just leaving another "try splitting the dose" comment. Also, I'd be wary of switching back to a nighttime shot. When I was on Lantus and took it at night, I often woke up low, and that's not something you want. Good luck figuring it out!

Donna said...

Sounds like Jessica is growing up fast. That has to be a relief for you that you can depend on her for JJ's care when needed. You deserve more than a Subway date! Hope you have fun!

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