Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tired From Chasing Lows....

I am extremely tired this update will be short and to the point......if that is possible!!

After talking to the N.E. on Thursday we made a couple of adjustments in J.J.'s treatment plan. These adjustments, however, sent us chasing lows!! What that means is that I would give him an insulin dose and watch his blood glucose level plummet. When we get below a certain number we are supposed to give J.J. 15 grams of carbs and wait 15 minutes, then recheck. If still low, repeat.

Thursday night (or Friday A.M.) we "chased a low" for 2 hours!! From midnight to 2 a.m......that's checking his blood, then giving him carbs every 15 minutes for TWO HOURS in the middle of the night!!! HE IS SUCH A barely phased him!!!

Last night we chased just after dinner, then again throughout the night we watched him drop and drop and drop. We checked every 2-3 hours and finally woke him up at 5:30 to give him some milk.

Today it was a never ending minute he was fine....the next......LOW!! I was checking every hour most of this afternoon. Tonight he had birthday cake.....I decided to only give him half of what we would've given far he's not spiked but is in a "safe" range for sleeping.....but we'll still get up a couple of times in the night to check him.

Needless to say.....all this chasing has me worn out!! This tired Mama is off to bed!!


Brett said...

Remember at his age preventing lows is immensely more important than preventing highs.

Before Caroline got on the pump, we made a chart that said at post-dinner snack time she could have X carbs based on her blood sugar. If it was 7pm and she was over 200 - she only got cheese, etc. If she was 175 she got 5 carbs...150 she got 8 carbs, etc. Perhaps figuring out some regimen like that might help.

You also might want to cut in half whatever change was recently recommended...sounds like they got too aggressive.

Welcome to the sorry world of diabetes.

We'll all be praying for you!

Donna said...

Chasing lows is almost as irritating as chasing highs. Well, it's irritating & tiring for you; it sounds like JJ's doing fine. You're the one doing all the worrying & chasing. You deserve some rest. I hope you can get some. Good luck!

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