Thursday, February 28, 2008

Up Day.....

Wow...what a difference a day makes!! Or a good night's rest!!:-)

The Dreaded Call from the N.E.(Nurse Educator)
I decided to not even fret about this call. I was just going to go about my day as usual. And we did....actually we were gone all afternoon....maybe subconsciously I was hoping she would call while we were gone!!

She called this evening....and it went GREAT!!! She agrees that J.J.'s numbers are high, but that is what they will continue to be while we use MDI (multiple daily injections) to treat him. She wanted to make sure we were pursuing the pump route, and said that should help J.J.'s numbers to come down.

She commended us on our record keeping, and is adding to our file that we are doing an excellent job at tracking J.J. numbers and making correct insulin adjustments.....this is important for "graduating" to the pump.

We were having trouble with night time dosing not affecting him at all, so she changed the Lantus time to 4-5 pm instead of at bedtime.

Looks like J.J. is coming off of his honeymoon predictor of how fast or slow other than he came into it he'll probably come out of it fast....but still no way to really know.

Pump Pray-ers.....Keep PRAYING!!
This is just amazing!! Today I dropped Jess off at the quilt shop so she could gab and ask the ladies there a few questions for me. Later she met us at the library and told me that so-and-so's mother-in-law was looking for someone to give her pump to. That she didn't use it that long because she wanted a remote control one or something. So I swing in there to pick up some thread, and yes, that's the story. She said they were just talking about how they'd love to find someone that could really use it. I started crying!! (For those of you that really know me...this is not me...public crying!! I'll blame it on PMS and stress!!) I stopped myself quickly, but I really was sobbing.

After I composed myself, I told her I really didn't know much, but if her mother-in-law was still really looking to give it to someone, then I would just need to know the brand, model etc, so I could ask our endo if it would be o.k. to use it. She took my name and number and said she'd let me know.

Fast forward a couple of hours as I'm talking to our N.E. I tell her the situation. And she says "Wow, that's really amazing." That J.J. could use it....that there really isn't a "kid" version. If it's a Medtronic model, then we'd just have to send it to them and they check it over, do what they call a "refurbish" and give it a new serial number for J.J. etc. for a couple hundred dollars.

Now, I'm generally not one to get my hopes up too high.....I like to say I'm a "realist" husband says "pessimist". This whole thing may not work out, but what is really cool to me is that it showed me that God can provide in some incredible ways....OUTSIDE THE BOX WAYS!!! Plus it showed me how little my faith is.....but this incident did enlarge my now instead of holding my breath, wondering nervously.... "if?" or "how?" or "when?".......I will eagerly wait and watch and see HIS provision!!!

So all you pump PRAY-ers......keep praying for that pump!!!:-)

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Donna said...

Lynnea - I'm so glad things went well with the NE! And the possibility that JJ may get that pump is just awesome.

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