Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Trip to St. Paul.....

Pump 101
Today we headed to our clinic for what they call "Pump 101". It was an hour long class that gave the extreme basics of pumping to a conference room full of parents. They also explained the process we must go through to obtain the pump. I'm still trying to formulate all my thoughts, but on the outset I'd say I'm a little disappointed with the class. I think the information they presented could be done in coordination with a normal endo visit and in a 1/4 of the time.

We were basically told that we have to research each of the pumps ourselves to determine which one would work best for us. The clinic itself deals extensively with Medtronic, so if we decide another pump is more compatible with J.J. then we'll have little support from the clinic. Not that we wouldn't have any....just not as much. So now the burden again is on me to research, research, research.

O.K......done with the negative!!!

The positive side of of the trip is that J.J. sat in on the meeting. He brought a backpack full of cars, and I really didn't think he was listening.....but he was!!! I had talked about the pump to him before this class and his reaction has always been that of fear, and "No way!".

After the speaker was done we had a chance to look at the various pumps. I grabbed a Medtronic pump that had a crayon skin on it, and brought it to J.J. Right away he thought it was cool, and said he would do it. He said he'd wear it on his belt and wanted to take one home with us. He didn't understand that it will take quite a while to actually get his.

One of the requirements the clinic has is the child must want the pump before they'll prescribe one. So to have him so readily accept it was a huge relief. We showed him what would attach to him and let him hold it and push the buttons. He then said... "I'll be able to do this all by myself". Ummmmm.....no!!!

Jason asked about insurances accepting the pump, and she commented that they are seeing more and more insurances denying the pump for someone that's been diagnosed less than 6 months. So we may have to wait after all. That'll be fine, I guess.....I'll need time to research!!

The Elusive 300 Test Strips

O.K......how long has it been since he was diagnosed? Three months this weekend. And.....how many times have we been able walk into the pharmacy and have them give us the prescribed 300 test strips??? ZERO!!!!!

Last month since we were given samples at our endo's office we only had to pick up 200. So we drive up today and the pharmacist says that it's been too soon since our last refill. My husband tells her that doesn't make sense, and asks how many the computer says are prescribed. She said "300", but she said that the prescription reads that we test 4-6x's a day. She then asks how many times do we test, and we say 8-12 times. She said that because the original prescription was for 4-6 she can't bill it properly, so the endo has to give them another prescription. I didn't get it at the time......to me 300 test strips is 300 test strips, and it shouldn't matter to them how many times a day we actually check.

My husband explained it this way......"The sun, the moon, and the stars all have to line up before we can get these strips." I feel that way!!! So tomorrow I'll have to call, fax, e-mail.....whatever it takes to get our N.E. to get a prescription sent to our pharmacist. Maybe, just maybe we'll get those 300 test strips!! Maybe.....


Penny said...

We did a pump 101 class also. I didn't find it to be very informative either.

They seemed to push the Minimed too. But, we went with the Animas because of the smaller basals. We've had to replace the pump a few (several) times, but I'm really satisfied with Animas. They have great customer service.

Also, whatever pump you chose don't be too concerned that your endo or clinic is not well aquainted with that brand of pump. The pump company will be your best resource anyway.

I'm glad JJ is on board now too. Riley was on board from day one so that made it much easier for us.

Lynnea said...

Thanks for the advice. We liked the color screen on the Animas, and we were told a CGM is in the works for that brand.

I was intrigued by the Omnipod. Seems like it's a lot less intrusive. But I wonder how well it actually stays on. It touts itself as being virtually painless upon insertion too, but I'd like to hear real life users.

Personally I'd like to have J.J. try each one for a couple of weeks....just wearing it to see if it is what will work for us. Who wants to spend $6,000 on something that doesn't work for them!!??

Like I said....so much research to do!!! I'm so thankful for the internet right now!! Being able to interact with people in real life situations has been a blessing!

Thanks again for the advice!!

Penny said...

I saw where you joined tudiabetes. I know there are kids up there on the Omnipod. You might want to look there and see if they can help you decide.

The pod wouldn't work for us because Riley doesn't have enough fat anywhere to put it except his backside. And, with the pod you can't do that because he would have to sit on the pod.

We have an Animas 1250 so we don't have the color screen. I don't know if water proof matters or not, but Minimed is not waterproof. Riley wears his pump in the tub and he does a lot of swimming so a waterproof pump was a must for us.

Good luck. I remember trying to research all the pumps. It was a little overwhelming.

Donna said...

Lynnea - I am so glad JJ in on board with getting the pump. That should help a lot. I did a lot of research before I got my pump, too. It's a good idea. You might want to review them by doing a pro vs con list. They all infuse insulin, but have some very different features. I know you want what's best for JJ so I know you'll get whatever will work for him. Good luck in your research!

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