Friday, March 28, 2008

The(Almost) Perfect (Numbers) Day......

Diabetes is such a numbers game!! Plus the rules seem to be constantly changing.....I always hate playing a game with someone who constantly changes the rules on ya....always seems like a no-win situation!!

A few days after last weeks bumming endo appt, I finally got my game face on again. I realized that our CDE was saying one thing, while our endo was saying something different. Our CDE since the beginning was hammering into us that they want J.J. higher rather than lower. So we were doing everything to keep him "high". Well, maybe too high, but by golly she let us know how EVIL low numbers were. If ya'll remember I even called her very concerned that our averages were too high!! Then steps in the endo saying our numbers are in fact TOO HIGH, and we need to lower them. High isn't good. just changed the rules!!!

So our dilemma was, "How to get him into this new "lower" range without crashing him?" He's highly sensitive to the insulin and it seems like we can achieve either highs or lows. Well, we've changed things up a bit and the past couple of days his numbers were perfect (almost).

These were his numbers yesterday:

114, 110, 146, 85, 103, 132, 70, 96, 165

Right now J.J.'s range is 80 to 150. I don't believe we've ever had a day he wasn't in the 200's at least twice!! He would have had a completely perfect day if it weren't for the 70....but in our minds a 70 is not a true "low"....the clinic puts a 20 point buffer in to protect him from going low. The 165 is also in there, but it was his midnight reading, and I wasn't about to correct for it in the night.....he landed at 123 the next morning, so I'm happy with that.

Todays numbers were pretty exciting for us as well:

123, 53/97, 114, 110, 77, 159

Yeah....the 53 is considered a true low. Two factors contributing to that was that for breakfast he had two pieces of my homemade 7-grain, whole wheat bread.....I think I might have overestimated the carbs.....I weighed the bread and used a carb factor for wheat bread, but hubby was wondering if the extra fiber my bread has may attribute to the carb count being lower. The other factor was probably the exercise. Both of the lower numbers came just after playing outside. Exercise is hard to predict.....sometimes he doesn't go low at all, other times he actually goes high!!

At any rate it has been good to see these lower numbers. Although... it is a bit harder and nerve wracking. That kid will one day say to me "If you ask me how I'm doing one more time....I'm gonna......" For now he hasn't noticed how often I ask that question.....although my older children have!! See the previous post.

Our CDE set us up for the next step in the pump process for mid-April. This step involves another 2-3 hours of training about highs and lows with the pump. Then J.J. will be fitted for a "dummy" pump to wear for about 3 days. This is a trial run to see if we are all in agreement that this is right for J.J. and us. J.J. will have to learn that it's always there.....even while he sleeps. Although I believe we may use an untethered method we still have to learn how to have it on him 24/7 in the beginning.

After this class the final decision is made. All forms are filled out and pumps ordered. I still haven't heard back from the clinic about the donated pump.


Shannon said...

The only predictable thing about diabetes is that it's unpredictable :)

Those were awesome numbers you listed!!

Back when Brendon was on shots (when he was really young) his diabetes team told us to make sure his numbers are in the 80's in the morning so we're not chasing them for the rest of the day.

You will find that there are millions of suggestions out's just a matter of choosing the most reasonable healthy ones that fit into your lifestyle.

Great job!!!!!

Donna said...

Those numbers look great! Congratulations!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great numbers! Way to go!

Penny said...

Beautiful numbers.

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