Sunday, March 30, 2008

Croc Expedition......

We had to go to "THE CITIES" today, so we thought we would hunt down some Croc's for J.J.. Seems that huntin' down Croc's wreaks havoc with blood sugars!!

At one point I checked him he was high, not horribly but enough to correct. This was unusual after the past few days we've been having. So I correct. An hour later.....49!!! Another one of those....WHAT??....moments. So, we eat lunch shortly after and I under corrected.....because I was so freaked he would go low again....and sure enough....high...... 485!! Tomorrow hopefully with a normal day at home we'll stabilize again.

We were successful, however, at finding some Croc's!! Our first stop was the Mall. Not much selection, but he found what he wanted. BLUE....with a Spidey Jibbitz. He wore them out of the mall.
Our next stop, the outlet Mall. One of my daughters wanted to try to find a different color. We get to this store, and WOW!! Every color imaginable. Plus the Pirates were only $10/pair!! I decided to get J.J. two more pair, and was kicking myself for not going there first!!! Unfortunately I didn't try on the one of the pairs because it was the size I had just bought. When I got home they were smaller than his blue ones. I'm sure everyone knows this but me......"WHEN GOING TO OUTLET MALLS LOOK FOR THE DEFECT IN THE MERCHANDISE YOU BUY!!!!"

This store had a "medical" i.d. Jibbitz!! So I bought two of them. I know they don't replace his wrist band, but it's just one more thing to alert the medics, just in case. He hates them though and really wants me to take them off. However, I see it as a sure sign....if the medics were to see those on a 5 year 5 year old kid would pick those out for him or herself!!! To me that's just one more alert that could be helpful. I think he'll get over it......or he'll "accidentally" lose them!!! We'll see how that goes!!

So....we had a successful Croc hunt!! But I don't think we'll be going again anytime soon!!:-)


Donna said...

These are so cute! Do you think he'll wear them instead of going barefoot this summer? Hope so.

Lynnea said...

I'm not sure he will!! He does like wearing them around the house right now, but that's not saying much!

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