Friday, March 28, 2008

He's Not Dead Yet......

Living out in the country does have it's advantages when raising kids. They have so much room to grow. I've enjoyed the fact that the kids can go pretty far and I still know where they are. I can hear the laughs and shouts through the woods at least the distance of 5 city blocks. Since it's still cold and snowy, they haven't roamed too far yet, but I knew a day would come when I would have to have a serious talk with all the kids about being on one of their "exploring expeditions" with J.J. I just didn't think it would happen when he was just playing around the house.

I was inside helping one of my older girls sew a purse together, when another older girl came through after being on a horseback ride and says she's heading out for a jog. J.J. was outside playing with his two older "younger" sisters and I hadn't seen them pass by our big picture window in a few minutes. So I asked the older daughter who had been outside, and who was going back outside....

"Have you seen J.J.? Is he o.k.?"

When from behind me I hear:

"Don't worry Mom. He's not dead YET!!"

WHOA!!! I know I didn't hear that!! But wait.....I did!! It was then I realized that the kids have been trained to help spot the lows and to quickly treat the lows if for some horrible reason I am not capable of doing it. I haven't told them WHY. I've been trying to spare them of the weightiness of all of this.

I calmly set down the iron, and picked up the fabric I needed to pin together and gently explained the gravity of J.J. going too low and no one being around to help him. About how important it is that someone is always aware of where he is AT ALL TIMES and knows what to do because it is a LIFE or DEATH situation. When I was done explaining this I said, "I hope I'm not freaking you out too much."

Their responses:

"Well, you are freaking me out."


"A couple days ago, I think I just figured out that, yeah, he could die....that this is serious."

I am so very glad they can just continue on being kids.....I don't even think I want to share this with the two "middles", but I'm sure it will have to happen some day. I know J.J. doesn't get it, and that's fine with me......he knows how important it is to tell me when he feels low, but I'm not sure he really needs to know or could fully understand at his age WHY telling me is so important.

For now, having the 15 year old and 12 1/2 year old understand will be good. I'll consider the extra pair of eyes a blessing....and hopefully there won't be any more comments about him being dead.....for indeed he is very much alive...PRAISE GOD!!

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Shannon said...

I thought you handled that really well.

I don't think we've told Brendon what could happen when he's too low...beyond that point. He just knows when he's low, he has to be treated.

I think when he does find out, he'll be old enough to handle the information....I hope.

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