Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is He Tired.....Or....Is He Low???

So.....what do you think? Is he just tired or is he low? That's what we contemplate when he decides to take an unexpected "nap"!!

J.J. Sleepin'


Donna said...

That's a tough one. Can you check his blood sugar while he's sleeping without him waking up?

BTW, he looks so adorable wearing those sunglasses! How cute!

Penny said...

We have that problem too. If Riley falls asleep in the middle of the day I feel the need to test. Because just like you said, is he tired or is he low?

Which was JJ?

Lynnea said...

This time J.J. was just plum tuckered out!!:-) We were just a minute away from our destination and he got up and went running off playing with the others...when we checked him he was actually slightly high!!

We never really can tell, though..until we check his blood.

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