Monday, March 17, 2008

"Diabetes Boy!!!!".......

Yesterday Allison(7 yrs) had a friend over to play. This friend was really interested in J.J. and his diabetes. She watched us give a finger poke, discuss the numbers, weigh out his food, and prepare the syringe. She had to turn away when the shot actually went in saying "I just can't watch".

When we were returning her to her home, J.J. happened to be in the seat by the sliding door on the van, so the rest of the people had to wait for him to get out. What was funny was this friend says "Watch out, Diabetes Boy, I'm comin' through!!"

Now, I understand that to some that may not sound funny. And I must admit I took a quick second to analyze the situation and the term used. J.J. was not at all phased by it, and everyone went running in the house like nothing had happened. The uncle was standing there, and was very concerned, and asked if we were o.k. with what she said. Both my husband and I were chuckling and said "Oh, it's's actually funny."

Now I know these parents, and they would be appalled at what she said and they'd have her call and apologize and the whole nine yards. But really that's not needed....because you know what?..... I took that term as a sounded like he was a Super Hero......DI-UHHHHH-BETES BOY!!!! And you know what else?.....I'd prefer that reaction over "Oh, please, let me help you down, are you o.k.? Can you make it?".... etc. To me he was being treated like any other kid!!! I liked that!!

So watch out world for DIABETES BOY!!!!

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Donna said...

I like the term, Diabetes Boy, too. How cute!

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