Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Can't Apologize for Having Hope......

I had planned to share what the Lord is doing with our finances, and how that whole area is going, but I can't shake some thoughts I have, so I'll revisit the finances topic soon.

You see, recently I shared with someone the exciting news I shared in my last post about progress being made in finding a cure for diabetes. Now, I don't remember the exact words this person used to respond to my "news", but it was like this person was saying "Don't get your hopes up, it'll probably never happen. Just don't worry about a cure". So I began to backtrack and pretty much acquiesced to this persons mentality.

I am frustrated with myself today, and really, really sad that I didn't just tell this person that it's not wrong to desire for my baby to be cured!!! I shouldn't have to apologize for that.

The fact is.... J.J. will most likely die from diabetes or complications arising from diabetes..... and don't get me started on all the complications.....the list is long and sad!!! Can he have a long full life? Yes, Lord willing....but I just can't and won't stop hoping that the Lord brings about a cure in J.J.'s lifetime.

I am reading the "Discovery of Insulin" by Michael Bliss, and I'm to the point where the researchers are beginning to use their "extract" on human patients. As I read I feel the excitement mounting in these men.......I know the outcome, and I just want to root them on......"KEEP GOING!! YOU ARE SO CLOSE". They had so many failed experiments.....more than positive ones it seems....yet it just takes successful trial to get the ball rolling in the right find the answer.......or at least find something much better than was previously discovered. So I will root on todays researchers.... "KEEP GOING!!! YOU ARE SO CLOSE"!!!

Insulin is keeping my boy alive.....and I am so very thankful for its discovery.... but it's not a cure.....he is not healed, he is not "well" the physical sense. The truth is......he has an organ that doesn't function as it should.

So I won't stop hoping and praying for a cure.....and I refuse to apologize for my hope!!


Vivian said...

I can so relate to this. A lot of people have given up hope for a cure because it hurts to keep getting disappointed. We mom's can't afford to give up hope. Together we will keep praying and never apologize for wanting what is best for our kids.
Pleade try to understand that so many people have been told for decades that a cure will happen in 5 years. So when they are negative about a cure we must not get mad at them, but understand the place that it comes from and pray for them.
You will never be alone in keeping hope alive, there are other moms out here that believe and stand with you. Big hugs to you and your family.

Toni said...

On the subject of hope, I just want to encourage you and say that your son doesn't have to someday die from complications from diabetes! I plan to die at a ripe old age, just like the rest of my family. I have to believe that. I will be around to spoil my grandkids! I have had T1 for 16 years now, and have no complications whatsoever. So don't give up hope for that either:)

Donna said...

On the complications thing, I like what Toni said. I plan to live to live a long, long time, too. And when the Lord does take me, I imagine it will be from something other than diabetes. I figure, he's had me live with this disease for over 37 years without complications (thank you, Lord!). Why not 37 more? Well, maybe I'm pushing it. :) But with all the advancements being made these days, kids like JJ have such a greater chance of living longer, healther lives than me. I think you'll feel better when he gets on the pump. I feel so much better since I got mine. I know it's not a cure, but it is definitely a lot better than all those shots. Hang in there & never apologize for having HOPE. :)

Colleen said...

I'm with the rest. We must always have hope, always!

huskermarty said...

Read Jeremiah 29:11
God doesn't guarantee us a trouble-free life. Truly living for god means we can expect to encounter some difficult situations. However, we can rest in the promise that God will be with us every step of the way. God always has a plan for our lives and he has one for JJ. Who knows how or when a cure for diabetes will be found. He may even grow up and be the one who finds the cure! You don't know what will happen in J J's lifetime but always try to look at the positive things that have happened in the fight against diabetes and the recent "good" news that you posted. As all the other posts have stated, never ever give up hope. God offers each of us a future with hope.

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