Friday, March 14, 2008

Exciting "Cure" News.....

I had just published my last post, when I noticed a headline from Bernard about clinical trials starting today on HUMANS for a cure for established Type 1 patients. A couple days ago I had stumbled upon the Iacocca Foundation and it's support of Dr. Denise Faustman. Here's a quote from her site:

"In 2001, her lab reversed type 1 diabetes in mice with end stage disease, a project that is now being translated into human clinical trials."

This news seems exciting to me!!! Check out all the links in this post if you have time!! Lots of possibilities!!!

Praying for a cure to the ONE who heals all diseases!!!(Psalm 103:3)


Bernard said...


Yesterday was a huge day for type 1 diabetes. First the FreeStyle Navigator approval and then this. I was and will be thanking God for some time to come about this.

You know it may not work out. But the fact that she's allowed to run a trial means something.

I'm hoping to see Dr. Faustman again in September, and by then maybe she'll be able to tell me how this one went. I can't wait.

Penny said...

I've held a walk the past two years and am planning another one for later in the year to raise money for The Iacocca Foundation mainly because of Dr. Faustman's project.

I'm so excited that it's finally happening.

Donna said...

This is exciting news, indeed!

Joshua Levy said...

You can see the status of many different possible cures for type-1 diabetes on my web site:
Right now, there are about 10 currently in human trials, and about 20 more preparing for them.

Joshua Levy

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