Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"Give us this day, our daily bread..."
Matthew 6:11

I was listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss last week talking about this verse and explaining how everything we have comes from God. He is THE provider. So with that thought I'd like to share with everyone how He has provided for us.

Last week we received a total of $500 anonymously!!! It was weird because we received $90 in the mail then a few days later an elder in our church gave us an envelope and said, "Someone gave this to me to give to you. Don't ask who it is." That envelope had $410!! Both very odd amounts, but totaling exactly $500!! We praise the Lord for that because it was the extra boost we needed to.....


That's right....the hospital has their money. Jason was a little frustrated with the hospital because he asked for a discount if he paid in full, upfront.....kind of like our orthodontist....if we pay them all at once we get a 5% discount. My Dad had tipped us off to this, so Jason tried.....he was really frustrated to find out the hospital is pretty much controlled by the state and they aren't allowed to give discounts.....we would have to take the matter up with our state attorney general. We were naive to think the hospital was not controlled by the government YET....but it is....at least this one is!! Anyway.....way off topic......but interesting none the less.

We've been totally into Dave Ramsey since Christmas. We received the Total Money Makeover book from my parents. Dave doesn't share anything new.....it's just common sense stuff that most people just don't want to do. We gained a few tips from Dave....and have "gazelle like intensity" in getting rid of debt and saving. That has helped us purge.....sell....a ton of unneeded items in the house and BARN, go to a zero based budget, and stop using our credit cards....even though we always paid them off monthly....just going to a cash system has saved us a ton!!

Along with following Dave.....Jason's job has been going incredibly well. With him being in a commission only business we can get highs and lows in income just like J.J.'s glucose readings. I never have appreciated the lack of consistent, steady income, but I appreciate it now that it has increased lately to help pay off these bills. The Lord has provided!!

As far as the "free" pump, I haven't heard anything. I was afraid to call the gal that offered it to us, but I called today since we meet with the endo on Thursday. Still no word!! I'll keep ya'll posted.

The SICKIES have finally reached our home. We are praising God for 3 full months of being absolutely free of any kind of illness.......but it's finally here!!! Allison has been vomiting sick for the past two days. My thoughts went to diabetes......could she have it too? I tried to rack my brain to remember if she was going to the bathroom more often, drinking more, etc. etc. She had been complaining of being tired and a tummy ache...then vomiting. Funny.....before last December I wouldn't have even thought about it!!!

Between worrying about whether Allison had diabetes, and the possibility of J.J. coming down with a stomach virus as his FIRST illness post-diabetes diagnosis.....sleep didn't come easy last night.....or if it did I would wake up and my mind would instantly start up again!!

So....yes......we did check Allison's blood this morning....a fasting check. That was the only way my heart would be at rest. We also checked her again tonight...after a meal....both under 100....so we're pretty confident she has a stomach bug.

Please pray:
  • That J.J. would be spared of this "bug".....or wait to get it until Friday!!! We have our first endo visit on Thursday and I'm anxious to see the results of his A1C.....plus I have a page full of questions!!!:-)
  • If J.J. does get this stomach bug--- that we can manage it at home without having to go to the hospital.....vomiting can be hard to manage in young ones with diabetes.....I'm hoping for a mild case and that God gives me the wisdom needed.....I've been reviewing all our information for sick days and we are to call the endo's office immediately so we will have constant support!!


Araby62 said...

Hope JJ avoids the crud (:-) If he does get sick, staying on top of things is the best way to handle it. Good luck!

Donna said...

Well, first of all - praise God for those folks who supplied the money needed to pay the hospital. God is good, isn't He?

I hope you get all your questions answered at the endo appointment. I'm sure you've written them all down. I still do that - just to be on the safe side.

Oh, and I hope JJ stays free of this crud. You will all be in my prayers. Try & get some rest so you don't catch it, too! :)

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