Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stalling tactics...

Tonight Jason is out late due to a business dinner.  That means I get to put the kids to bed all by myself.  J.J. was a little more tired than usual, but yet fighting it.  He was definitely trying to stall.  His first 
"Mama, I'm hungry"
"O.K.....lets check your blood.  279...good starting point, no more carbs tonight, what do you want?"
"Cheese sounds good....can you get a cup down?"
He proceeds to climb into his bed with cheese cubes.  A few minutes later:
"Mama, I'm thirsty."
"O.K.....come in the bathroom and we'll brush your teeth and get some water."
"But Mama, I don't like the bathroom cups, they make the water taste bad" he proceeds to drink straight from the faucet!!!
"All right, Bud, off to've stalled long enough."
"You know, Mama....ketones......I think we should check for ketones."
At that... I had to that's one stalling tactic only a mom of a diabetic child can appreciate!!


Cara said...

Oh yeah. ;) That's a kid for ya. A diabetic kid for you, anyway.

Pam said...

This sounds like my son. He is 8 dx'd at 4. It didn't take him long to use the " I think I'm low" when it was time to pick up his toys. It was a long enough stall checking his bg. They will use anything.

Donna said...

He's learning so much already!

Lisa said...

LOL! I know all about those stalling tactics. They learn quickly don't they? Izzy tells me she is low when she wants candy. We're working on that one.

Brett said...

Thats so cute yet wants to make you shake the neck of Mr. Diabetes at the same time.

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