Friday, February 15, 2008


Although our internet is still being halted by our internet company I can rejoice that there is a library close enough where I can access the internet if I need to!! WOW!! What speed!!! I know what I'm missing....I thought it was Blogger that was slow....!!

Anyway.....what we are truly rejoicing in today is that the insurance company approved all 300 test strips!! YAY!!! Thanks to everyone that prayed!! God is good!! We are just so thankful it was a "communication error". I've been afraid to call, but we needed more strips so my husband called today. The first lady he spoke to didn't know anything, but grabbed the guy I talked to the other day, and they both walked down to the prescriptions department to see what was going on. They came back saying the prescriptions department just approved it, and to give them 15 minutes to get it in the system!!! YIPPEE!!! And here I was thinking such bad thoughts about that company, now I could kiss them!!

Another praise is from yesterday....I wrote it last night but couldn't here it is:

February 14, 2008
Yesterday J.J. decided to do his own finger poke. I got there just in time to see him getting the blood…he forgot to get the monitor ready so I had to help with that….but it surprised me that he did what he did. Today he did it all himself…(and I remembered to get pictures this time!!)…he really goes all out…milks his arm and says “I’m getting it Mama, I’m milkin’ it!!” I thought I’d just share some pictures of this monumental day!!


Hannah has now checked his blood for us as well. Sarah has done it a few more times. Allison was about to check today, but I put the breaks on …she’s a little rambunctious and not as responsible….J.J. and Allison’s proximity in age makes it difficult for them to accomplish things without some sort of “Uh-huh…..Mom said….I told you so…stop that….MOMMMMMM!!” scenario….so for now Allison will not be checking J.J’s blood for us….but thanks hon, for your willingness!!


Cara said...

Praise! I'm so glad the strips came through for you.
J.J. is so cute! He looks so proud to be checking his own blood sugar. :D
Have a wonderful weekend.

Donna said...

God IS good! I am so glad you'll have the test strips you need for JJ!

And congratulations to JJ for checking his own blood sugar. I'm sure he's proud of himself. I remember giving myself my first shot when I was almost 8 years old. I thought I was so big. JJ probably feels that way, too. God bless him!

Lisa said...

Yeah!!!! That is great news. I can't believe JJ is already testing himself. That is wonderful.

Brett said...

That breaks my heart to see him checking his own blood sugar, but amazing at the same time.

Penny said...

YAY!!!!! (for the strips)

And yay! )for JJ checking his sugar). My "yay" is a little smaller for that one. The picture of him checking his sugar tugged at my heart strings. No child his age should have to learn to do that. It still chokes me up to see Riley checking his sugar.

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