Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Our internet has been super slow lately.  We are on a satellite network because we live in the country and don't have access to true high speed.  Tonight we found out why we've been dog slow....we thought it might be that the satellite wasn't pointing the right way since we've had high winds, or the router was messed up and needed to be reset or something.  NO....none of those things were wrong....you know what's wrong with it??   WE USE IT TOO MUCH!!....according to our internet provider.  They've put a halt to our usage!!  Of course, we can pay an extra $20-$30 more a month to get slightly better usage and speed.  E-mailing is about the only function I'm able to use right now....{{{SIGH!!}}}}
I guess the internet "halt" is difficult because J.J. is bouncing all over the place and I can't get online to even do a Google search.  He was 69 at dinner, then when we checked him before bed he was in the 500's!!  That's always disconcerting....makes me think "What did I miss?  What did I not see coming?  How could I let it get that high?"   Then words from our nurse educator come to mind about diabetes never being constant, always a trial and error process, try to see what works best for him....yada...yada....yada.  
And exercise.... it doesn't make sense.....the past two weeks we've sent him outside to play in the snow he remains at pretty good numbers, generally goes lower, or slightly higher, then drops a little.  So the 500's was a shocker to us....and exactly where did it come from?....Was it a rebound from the 69, or a release of glycogen from the liver/muscles because he played outside in the cold???!!  And why in the world,  if it is exercise, hasn't he done this before?  So we correct for it, which means I'm up until midnight again...no biggie...my body is getting used to it....but we even doubt ourselves....should he be given the correction?...will his pancreas kick in some insulin now since he is still in his honeymoon and send him low by midnight?? And so the cycle goes... low...high...low....high.... a-boing-a-boing-a-boing!!  


Donna said...

Sorry I don't have an answer for you on JJ's numbers. It's just one of those frustrating things about diabetes. Don't let it get you down.

Hey, good luck with the internet situation. That would drive me crazy.

Brett said...

Just when you think you are starting to figure out Diabetes, it gives you a 50 or a 500.

When you go out in the cold you can indeed get higher blood sugar. Things like stress and a flood of adrenaline can do it.

If a kid gets sick, they'll get more antibodies or whatever floating around and insulin demand could double out of the blue.

A little tiny tiny bubble passing through the tube of a pump or in a shot can be most of a full unit.

Differences in the depth of where the insulin is delivered in the skin can affect absorption.

You can be off almost half a unit without knowing it just from the inaccuracy of trying to read syringe marks.

Its a big freaking pain. And we all feel your pain.

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