Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Preparations....

This week we've been talking a lot and planning a lot.  J.J. turns 5 on Monday.  Part of me wants a huge celebration.....the works.....whatever that may be...basically tons of people, tons of fun!!  Lets celebrate the fact that we have the privilege of seeing him turn 5.  Another part of me would like to have a quiet at home, only us kind of celebration.  I'd like for him to enjoy the day whatever it is!!
Last week I asked J.J. what he wanted.  He started with chocolate cake!!:-)  Then told me he wanted hamburgers and tator tots, and milk of course.  While I was politely listening he looked at me and said "Mom, you need to get a pad and paper and write this down."  I asked him, "Why?  Do you think I'll forget what you want?"  Very matter of factly he says "Yes!"  So the young man proceeds to get my notebook...he knows I carry around a notebook because I do forget a lot...then he tells me what else he wants.....legos, a play fire engine, and spider-man on a snow mobile ("because we messed up at Christmas and got him the spider-man in a dune buggy")  I told him they didn't sell a Spiderman on a snow mobile, but one on a motorcycle...he said he would settle for that!! 
The girls and I went shopping on Saturday and found some legos and the fire engine...the spider-man on the motorcycle is long gone.  I knew it would be...but I'm hoping he'll forget...yeah, right!!!  We have to watch the little kids in the nursery at church on Sunday, so we are planning a little mini celebration....it will make the time go faster!!  
I'm just not sure what we will hand out to the kids.....last week they were loaded down with candy because of Valentine's....people were kind enough to save the bag so we would know the carb count, but it was still a bummer.....all that candy....and he wanted it all!!  The girls and I were thinking sugar-free jello-jigglers, or something....but we are still brainstorming.  Our age range is 18 months to 5 years, so we are trying to come up with a few activities and games.  We have to make it low-budget for sure.  We'll continue to brainstorm!!!

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Donna said...

Have fun remembering all the stuff JJ wants to eat & all the gifts. Five-year-olds are so much fun! I miss it. He's a cutie!

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