Monday, February 18, 2008

The Same Old J.J....

I asked the girls to write in their journals their thoughts and feelings about J.J.’s diabetes. This is Sarah’s…age 10:

How I feel about JJ’s diabetes

by: Sarah Bretz

Feb. 15, 2008

I’m sad that he has it and I would not like to have it, but I am glad that I know what it is. I did not know what it was before J.J. got it. He is the same old J.J., but he just has diabetes.

February 18, 2008-----Happy Birthday J.J.!!!

Thought I’d share a quick recap of J.J.’s 5th birthday!! The day started with me baking his cake. This was the first time I’ve baked something really sweet since his diagnosis. The process was typical except for the fact that I couldn’t just let the kids lick the spoon, bowls, beaters, etc. That was somewhat sad, as that is a fond memory I always had as a kid. But it wasn’t too bad because only a couple of the girls were in the room drooling, while J.J. was off playing so he didn’t even notice I put everything in the dishwasher right away. We’ve gotten used to the fact that we calculate all the carbs for his meals, etc., but counting the carbs for this cake was a shocker...powdered sugar has a ton of carbs!!

Counting Carbs

I decided to take the kids to the gym with me to go swimming… first J.J. didn’t want to go, but we convinced him it would be fun. It took him over an hour to finally decide he could leave the stairs of the pool….he’s very cautious!! Once I got him out there he had a blast!! We ended up staying 3 hours!! I checked his blood every hour. The first time he was 98….so I gave him a juice box….next hour 160…left him….next hour 78….gave him crackers since we were heading home. His exercise is so unpredictable…..sometimes he skyrockets, other times he crashes.

Swimming fun!!

When we got home he had his birthday dinner….hamburgers and tator tots. Then he opened his gifts. It was a Lego year!! The rest of the evening we sat around putting together Lego kits. We then had cake and ice cream…it’s hard for me to believe he can have cake and ice cream!!! When we were in the hospital with him I thought he’d never have a normal birthday again!! Our endo has us giving his shots after he eats, rather than before, but this time I went ahead and gave it before we even sang to him…knowing the high carb content, and the fact that they were fast acting I wanted some insulin on board before he ate the cake and ice cream.

Master Builders

Lego Birthday!!

I only choked down tears once today….when he first started coming off the stairs at the pool.... he was just having a blast swimming to me. He was so happy and giggly. I am just so thankful that he truly is the “same old J.J.” Thanks, Sarah, for that reminder!!


Penny said...

I remember Riley's first piece of birthday cake after diagnosis. My birthday was about 6 weeks after his diagnosis.

I remember watching him eat it and feeling the tears stinging my eyes. I got up and went to the bathroom and had a good cry and came back.

Turns out his sugar did just fine. But watching him eat that cake for the first time was painful.

He's eaten birthday cake countless times since then and it hardly ever makes his sugars skyrocket.

Happy birthday to JJ!

Lisa said...

It always amazes me that during holidays/celebrations Izzy's blood sugar almost always is perfect. It's as if her body knows that if it freaks out that I would feel bad about her having it the next time.

Glad J.J. had a Happy Birthday even though you had to deal with D.

Donna said...

I'm glad JJ had such a good birthday. He looks so happy. What a sweetheart!

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