Friday, March 6, 2009

Caps for Sale....not really......

After receiving word from people that know me and love me wondering why I haven't posted.....wondering everything o.k.? I began to think I should probably write a blog post. An update-y sort of blog post. But there isn't much to update....just LIFE. Which led me to thinking about my life and the many caps I wear....then that led me to the book I read to my oldest (who BTW turned 16 this week!! YIKES!!).....over and over when she was a little girl. It's called "Caps for Sale: A tale of a peddler, some monkeys, and their monkey business" by Esphyr Slobodkina.

I saw in my minds eye the picture of a small little man carrying a bunch of hats on his head. Yep, that's me....I thought. That's my life.....I wear a ton of caps. But last year I really only wore ONE. The others were knocked off my head.....those blasted monkeys!! Last year I was adding one to my already full line of caps. It was the role of a nurse......actually more like a CDE.... because everyone in the D-OC has met a clueless nurse out there that doesn't know squat about type 1!! Anyway....... last year I had to focus on learning about J.J.'s disease, while the other caps were on autopilot....or in the hands of monkeys.....very scary to think about!!

"So the peddler picked up his caps and put them back on his head---first his own checked cap...."

This is where I'm at. I'm in the process of picking up the caps and carrying them again. Not letting the monkeys have them, but bearing the weight and responsiblity they bring. They weren't completely gone last year, but they didn't have my focus and they do. So while I am still here.... I am still dealing with diabetes and the many frustrations and heartaches and joys it brings, I also have these other caps that take up a lot of my time, and leave very little time for blogging. I have, however written blog post after blog post in my head....and some in my personal maybe some day I'll be able to get those posted on here.

"CAPS!!! CAPS for SALE!! Fifty cents a CAP!!!"

I suppose the only difference I have with the peddler in "Caps for Sale" is that I'm NOT selling (most of) my caps. They've been handpicked by a loving and gracious Father...Who knows exactly what caps I need!!! to put on my accountant cap....April 15th is coming too fast!!! (Oy! Oy!Oy!......when are we going to "sell" this one?!)


Jill said...

Glad you're doing ok ;) I know what you mean about the caps...some of them we will never be able to sell...and as life goes on we're going to gain many more and put some of them in the closet ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

type1mom said...

Awesome post! Its great when we can just go with the flow! Good to hear thats where you have been.

Molly said...

I read that book to my students. It's a favorite!
Glad to hear all is well. Spring ahead this weekend, then turn your "baseball accountant hat" backward and move ahead. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well my hat's off to you, I don't know how you do sometimes. Come on over a pick up your Lemonade Award when you get a thought in edgewise!

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