Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Never Know Who's......


Last week I wrote a quick post about the events of the previous 24 hours. I didn't think much of it......ya know....just relaying some more "firsts" in our journey.

Well, Saturday morning as I'm just getting out of the shower hubby comes with the phone and says in a whisper, "It's Medtronic. They want to talk to you about your blog. Do you want to talk to them?"

A lot went through my mind in that instant. Why do they want me? What did I write? I was a little fearful, yet excited. What was this all about?

Adrian was her name. She made sure I was the author of J.J.'s diabetes journey at blogspot dot com, then went on to explain how she was alerted to my blog.....something about an e-mail, and a vice president of something, and whatever. Somehow, someway she was in charge of the situation at this point.

She complimented me on my writing.....thought I was a nurse.....yada, yada, yada... I really wasn't paying much attention I just wanted her to get to the point!! Turns out there were multiple "points".

Basically I believe my last post was a bit concerting to the folks over at Medtronic. J.J. had the "bleeder" when he took out the site, said he wanted to switch to shots(nothing new), a piece on his clip had busted off, and there was a cannula that was a tad longer than normal. To me, just a relay of information....not to the folks at Medtronic. Maybe it was bad press for them to write what I did. I was in no way lambasting or even complaining about Medtronic. All of it was typical for kids with type 1.

At any rate....Adrian was sweet and offered us a new pump clip to replace the broken one. She also wanted J.J. to enjoy his pump and offered to send us a pump skin to make his pump more "fun". Then I was transferred to another nice lady who recorded the lot number of the "long" cannula for future reference and quality control. She threw into the mix a couple of infusion sets.

Pretty nice "offers" for simply writing about my day dontcha think?

So.....I guess the good folks over at Medtronic have blog lurkers out there. Who knew? I wonder why they weren't listening when I talked about the $500 transfer fee for donated and/or used pumps. I didn't receive a phone call then!


:) said...

And here I thought it was cool when another blogger makes a comment and puts you on their blog roll!

Very good PR on their part. Gotta give 'em that. Makes you feel glad to know that they're not just a company out to make money, that they really care about these kids using their product and how it impacts them.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why they weren't listening when I talked about the $500 transfer fee for donated and/or used pumps. I didn't receive a phone call then!

Amazing, isn't it? I THINK it's called selective deafness. You dispense a little of perceived negative PR, and corporate is 'johnny-on-the-spot." You say you need a bit of help, you may as well shout down a well.


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