Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kid quote.....

Last night while we were watching The Biggest Loser the kids were running around, doing push-ups, lifting weights etc. I know......very weird....but I notice them doing this when we watch this show. Don't tell anyone, but hubby has also gotten in on the act before!!'s our secret!

Anyway....J.J. collapses in front of me saying he's low and needs to check his blood. I tell him to check his blood!! After checking his blood....he very dramatically says:

"It's 73....I'm"

I heard the number and decided not to act immediately since he wasn't truly low, and the show was on!!! It was toward the end during the weigh-ins....and if any of you watch the show you know toward the end it's like 5 minutes worth of commercials vs. 30 seconds of show....very annoying. At any rate, I decided he could wait a few seconds while I watched the heaviest person ever on the show weigh in.

J.J. was getting a little perturbed (there's your vocubulary word, Hannah!) with me. At some point he realized I wasn't getting up right away to get him something to eat and this is what he said to me....with a stern, authoritative, know-it-all look and tone:

"Which is MORE important....DIABETES? OR this MOVIE?"

Oh, I couldn't help but chuckle.....he was so serious!! I told him at that point the show was more important, but I also told him that if it was that bad to grab his diabetes bag and I'd give him some Smarties....otherwise he could wait a few seconds. I ended up giving him a whopping 3 grams worth of candy!!! He miraculously recovered and started running around again!!

He had pizza last night so I knew it would kick in.....and it the tune of 200's most of the night!!! But he doesn't get all that yet. In fact he prefers to go low so he can get some candy!!!:-) He'll tell me he's low when in fact he isn't......I'm ever so thankful for blood glucose meters!!!!

As a side's my 1 year blogiversary!! I started blogging a year ago this week. I forgot the count....somewhere's near 180 blog posts! Not bad. I've been so blessed by this experience, and (hopefully) been a blessing to others as they see they aren't the only ones dealing with this disease. I'm finally feeling the fog lift a little....adventuring back into my normal life where diabetes isn't the first thing I think about in the morning or research all day or cry about in the shower. It's finally finding it's rightful place in my life.....important... yes, always there...yes, always causing me to scratch my head and say "What? Where did that come from?".....yes. But for now it has to take a backseat to life and the lives of my family!!

Here's to a New "bloggy" Year!!!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy blogaversary!

That quote made me chuckle. I'm sure he was just SO serious with it! Ha!

Jill said...

Happy Blogaversary!!! YAYYYYYY :)

I'm so thankful you've blogged and your support to Mom's like me has been wonderful!

LOL! @ JJ's quote...too cute :)

Molly said...

Happy blogaversary! Nice to have bloogers in MN.
I love JJ's line! :-)

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