Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One more diagnosiversary post......

Sorry for all the posts today. I finally had a chunk of time to gather all these photos and write a few lines. I wanted to share a couple more "celebration" of J.J.'s one year diagnosiversary.

Happy Diagnosiversary Bud!!!

First is the Christmas tree ice cream bar!! A year ago I had just brought a box of them home from the store. J.J. had been vomiting so he couldn't have one. I made the other kids save one for him once he got better. Well, then.... diabetes happened.

The first night in the PICU....before any education.....I told the girls to take the ice cream bars with them to the house they would be staying at so J.J. wouldn't feel bad he couldn't eat one when he got home.

Wellllll.......after I was "educated" I realized he COULD eat one. Thankfully the girls forgot to take them so the Christmas tree ice cream bar was the FIRST treat he received when we got home from the hospital.

One year of finger pokes....

Next.....I've been saving the test strip bottles. Not all of them are in this photo....some were used for projects.....some for containers for other stuff. But I just had this quirky idea I needed to save these for some reason. I knew I would take a picture at the end of the year so I would have a "visual" of the enormous amount of finger pokes he's received in just ONE YEAR with diabetes. Jason and I estimated this morning it's around 3300!!! YIKES!! or OUCH is more like it!!!

Look at all that diabetes STUFF!!!

Finally....I also wanted to take a picture of all the diabetes paraphernalia we have in the house. I knew it would be a lot. The kids helped me remember all the "stuff". It was kind of fun seeing it all in one place.

I was having a hard time keeping it all I needed to re-organize. Once I started clearing the table I got most of it in these three tubs!:-)

It fits in the tubs!!

At one point the table reminded me of an "I SPY" book. So I started asking the kids to find different items like "I spy 4 infusion site caps." OR "I spy 3 insulin pumps". It was fun.

Let's play diabetes I spy!!

At another time while looking at all the paraphernalia I had an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. We are so blessed to have ALL of this. I have what I need to manage my son. Some parents in the world do not even have insulin to keep their children alive. How can I not be thankful....God is so good!

Ah....tired...must be hard being a kid..
That is one tired boy. This looks an awful lot like the scene a year ago when we were heading to the hospital. Thankfully this year he's JUST TIRED!!!:-)


Penny said...

I estimated Riley's finger sticks a few days ago for my upcoming walk. He's had over 13,000 finger pokes. Sad.

Kerri. said...

The test strip bottles definitely made me pause.

And then I had to calculate my finger stick totals for the last 22 years ... and I came to roughly 65,000. My goodness, this disease keeps us busy.

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