Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unexpected Blood Draw.....

I'm trying to get in a routine of changing J.J.'s sites every other day because of his allergy to the infusion set tape. This morning was the first time I've only gone 48 hours, so I had 30+ units of insulin left in the reservoir. Not a big deal. I decided to just use the same reservoir and tubing, but change the site. After I injected the site and pulled out the needle blood started coming up the tubing.....just like a blood draw!!! TALK ABOUT FREAKING OUT!! As if I'm not already a bundle of nerves!!! (I can see the snickers from the veteran pumpers out there...but hey this is all so new to me!)

I quickly disconnected the tubing from the set and began searching through all the information I had about blood and site issues. I didn't know if having the tubing without insulin in it was the main reason it was causing it to draw the blood or not.

Unexpected Blood Draw

I wasn't sure if I should change the site or leave it. I hated to change it considering I am trying an I.V. tape underneath the infusion set for the first time. But obviously if there's an issue with him going high or continuing to bleed or infection.....etc....etc......then for sure I know I should change it.

I.V. Dressing
In this photo you can kinda see the extra IV tape I used.

I decided to dose him for breakfast, have him eat a light carb breakfast and see where he ended up. I also then placed a call into the endo's office. Again...just all too stressful. Not that I couldn't logically tell myself this was not a huge deal....if he's high or the site is hurting him I'll just change it out...not a big deal......but it's stressful having all these new issues!! I suppose I can chalk it all up as one big huge learning experience, but I hope I don't have a nervous breakdown before everything settles down!!

Three hours later he was 90!! Great lunchtime number for us. I guess he's getting insulin! I keep inspecting the site for redness, tenderness, more bleeding, etc. But so far it looks healthy and fine. I just wonder if I'll get a blood gush when I take the site out!??

CDE just called and said I did just fine. It was good that I bolused right away to keep the insulin flowing. Also checking and monitoring as usual is the best way to tell if he's getting the insulin he needs and making sure the site stays healthy. She said I probably just hit a surface capillary so I shouldn't get a blood gush when I take the site off.

I just checked his post lunch number and it was 110!!! Pretty good!! He also came and whispered in my ear that he hasn't itched his new site at all. He says it's not itching him like the others did!!:-) YAY!!!

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Jill said...

Thats wonderful about no itching...even better with getting GREAT numbers!

I dont know much about the tubing issue...but Im sure I would have been just as worried!

You're doing a great job :)

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