Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FAQ: Control?.....

As I get in conversations with others about J.J.'s diabetes, I usually get the question:

"So, when will he be under control? How long does it take?"

I usually hesitate, pause, and ponder this question. Because to me they aren't asking about "control" so much as they are asking when we will see an end to the "endless" blood checks, high and low numbers, getting up in the night to check him, etc. etc. . They are really asking "WHEN WILL HIS NUMBERS STABILIZE ENOUGH SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ALL THIS?"

In the past I've answered....."He'll never be controlled."

But then I began to ponder....Am I really answering this question right? I believe their intent is really asking when everything we do to manage J.J.'s diabetes will end. So I think that is why I answer with... NEVER. But the question always makes me feel I should have him under MORE control....OR Can't you figure out this disease?

Today I finally looked up the word "CONTROL" in the dictionary. I realized....thank-you very much....that J.J. is CONTROLLED!!!! Here is the definition of "control" via Merriam-Webster's:

1 a archaic : to check, test, or verify by evidence or experiments(BOY...I DO THIS ALL DAY!) b : to incorporate suitable controls (YEP...USING THE TOOLS I NEED ARE SUITABLE CONTROLS!) in *a controlled experiment*
2 a : to exercise restraining or directing influence over : REGULATE b : to have power over : RULE c : to reduce the incidence or severity of especially to innocuous levels *control an insect population* *control a disease* (YEAH BABY!! I RESTRAIN THIS MONSTER WITH MY CONSTANT WATCH AND CARE..... AND IN AFFECT RULE IT! OVERALL I'M REDUCING IT'S SEVERITY IN MY CHILD!!!)

So....I really haven't been answering this question right. My boy is CONTROLLED.

Now, if the intent of the question is to wonder when his numbers will be sooooooo constant that we don't have to exert any control.....well, that answer is still NEVER. He will have highs, he will have lows, he will be ALL OVER THE BOARD at times.

So I believe I've formulated a NEW answer to this often asked question about control......

"Ummmm.....yes.....J.J. is controlled. But if you are asking when we'll (or eventually he will) have to stop everything we are doing to keep him controlled, the answer is NEVER."

Wow....I feel so relieve to have that settled in my mind!!:-)


Jill said...

LOL....your post brought a smile to my face!!

I must say.... GREAT answer :)

Cara said...

Control is all in how you look at it. :) Having control doesn't mean doing nothing. It's kind of like driving a race car. The car is in control because the driver is paying constant attention to the task of driving. But that doesn't mean it doesn't spin out of control on occasion. Sometimes it just happens.

Lynnea said... hubby came up with a similar analogy, but with horses. We may think we have control of that horse....and we do for the most part...but it may eventually "spook" and throw us off!!

When he was talking I said "'re confusing me...I had this figured out!!":-)

Jess said...

What a good answer Mom!

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