Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Will it ever happen?....

I suppose the big question on people's minds lately is:

When will J.J. get on the pump?

I'd love to know that myself. One thing we've learned in the past 9 months is that the medical industry likes to take their time. To get things moved through faster it takes time, energy, and resources. Of which I have none.

Medtronic called me this morning wanting to send out J.J.'s pump supplies. I had requested they contact me with a final authorization before they shipped. So they call today to tell me the basics, but then tell me that Medtronic is not an "in-network" provider. Meaning it will cost a lot more to buy from them.

We determined that our insurance has a distributor that we need to order from to get better benefits. I had to cancel the order (which took 2 weeks to process) from Medtronic, then call this other company. Thirty minutes later, J.J. is in the new system and set to receive his supplies by THIS FRIDAY!!!


I chuckled when I heard that. The sweet customer service rep. assured me that the their company moves things through quickly and worst case scenario would be next Tuesday.

Should I hold my breath people? Will he have his supplies by next week this time??? Could J.J. be on the pump within the next two weeks?


Colleen said...

Fingers crossed that Friday is pump day. I'm excited for you!

Donna said...

Hopefully, things will go quicker with this new company. Good luck!

Cara said...

I'll be praying. Keep us updated.

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